BMW 6 Series Convertible 2017

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BMW 6 Series Convertible 2017 - The old 6-Series was apparently composed by a group of blindfolded chimps tossing parts into a shower in a BMW saves distribution center. So this time BMW has given it a more sensible getup, and also dumping any thought of it being a sportscar. Worry not, however – it drives far better now's, despite everything it streak, aside from now in an "I have a second home in the Seychelles" kind of route, instead of an "I have the way to have you kneecapped" sort of way. 

Observe: the 6 has recently been given a (minor) facelift, which in genuine German design has made each and every piece of the 6 a small piece better. Decent. 
Hasil gambar untuk BMW 6 Series Convertible 2017


As a feature of an end-all strategy to exile the befuddled legacy of the last 6 Series, BMW discharged this one as a convertible first. Disregarding, for a minute, the preposterously fast M6, there are three motors on offer. The best, we figure, is the six-barrel 313bhp diesel discovered somewhere else in BMW's line-up (640d). In the event that you totally should have a petrol, the decision is between a 320bhp straight-six (640i), or a 449bhp V8 (650i). There's not a monstrous sum between them on paper (4.6 seconds to 62mph plays 5.4) yet the greater one has a gigantic 479lb ft, making it ideal for overwhelming laborers when you're late for the Masonic cabin disco. Mind, the lighter front end and hey revving nature of the 640i makes it that bit more fun - however neither one of the versions is precisely agile. 

Versatile skeleton settings and all, this is a major auto with light guiding, a rich smooth auto 'box, flexible damping and an accentuation on calm – rooftop up or down. 
Hasil gambar untuk BMW 6 Series Convertible 2017


The double layer material rooftop resemble a 20-stone bouncer, keeping all troublesome commotion out of the parlor. What's more, it truly is a parlor. Regardless of the dash making an arrival to the 'driver-focussed' BMWs of yore, calculating the inside console towards the driver's, despite everything it got an accentuation on airiness and convenience. The iDrive is less bewildering than at any other time on account of evident easy route catches and an enormous full shading screen, and even the BFG himself could get settled in the driver's seat. His congested youngsters will battle with shockingly inadequate with regards to raise legroom, however. What's more, the boot is letterbox meager. 
Hasil gambar untuk BMW 6 Series Convertible 2017


It pays to go for the diesel, which hits 62mph in the low fives, as well as figures out how to return upwards of 50mpg. BMW says the Six is the organization's most-exceedingly prepared model ever, with calfskin, satnav, xenons and stopping sensors as standard. In any case, as ever, all way of extravagant treats elegance the choices list.

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