Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price

Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Concept, Specs, Price - The Bentley Continental GT has been a huge hit for Bentley and Volkswagen AG considering its launch in 2003, however the problem is that the automobile actually hasn’t changed that a good deal over time. sure, the facelift brought tweaked styling, a new V-8, and transformed interior, but it nonetheless takes a eager eye to identify the differences between the first Conti and those constructed after 2011. It’s possibly that a $two hundred,000 grand visiting Bentley coupe/convertible wasn’t a massive priority for VW coming out of a international recession, but now with excessive-give up luxurious vehicles lower back in full swing, the 1/3-gen Continental GT is on the way.

considering the Continental GT became simply updated for 2016, the all-new version probable won’t debut till 2017, which means that it is going to be coming at a time while plenty of recent customers are approximately to make their way into the Bentley showrooms way to the all-new Bentayga SUV. whilst it does arrive, assume the redesigned Continental GT coupe to finally spawn the acquainted lineup of fashions, inclusive of the GT velocity, Convertible and Flying Spur sedan. Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price.
Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price

even though there are nevertheless a few months before the brand new Bentley Continental GT is brought, we’ve long past beforehand and prepare a rendering using the styling direction of the 2015 EXP 10 pace 6 concept found out at the 2015 Geneva Motor display. similarly, we additionally have numerous spy pictures of the many prototypes that Bentley tested thru 2016 and 2017.

when you have tastes for pace and luxury—and a padded wallet in addition—the Bentley Continental Supersports is for you. Its turbocharged 12-cylinder makes seven-hundred hp and drives all four wheels thru an 8-speed computerized. An air suspension presents a plush experience while nonetheless preserving sufficient firmness to carve corners effectively. Carbon-ceramic brakes provide fantastic stopping strength, which you’ll need, as coupe models boast a pinnacle speed of 209 mph and droptops max out at 205 mph. Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price.

thanks to the digital special-effects expertise in Hollywood, our eyes mechanically revel in impossible violations of the laws of physics. Which sets an unnaturally excessive bar for astonishment while encountering the likes of the Bentley Continental Supersports, a leather-coated luxurious -door that weighs greater than some great SUVs however can outrun a Corvette Stingray Grand recreation to 60 mph. at the same time as your senses are telling you it’s doing something magical, your mind desires to brush aside the proof as though it have been simply any other video on rapid-ahead.
Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price

Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price

This feel of incongruity become simplest heightened by way of the Bentley’s preternatural calm because it did ridiculous matters on our pressure over roads out of doors Lisbon, Portugal, and on the track at Estoril, a former formulation 1 venue. Its maker claims the Supersports coupe takes best 3.four seconds to reach 60 mph, the same time we measured for a 707-hp dodge Charger Hellcat and for the preceding fastest Bentley, the restrained-edition GT3-R. yet there’s no cloud of tire smoke, no tail wagging, no pace-boating rear-axle squat here. just faucet into its deep wells of electricity and torque and the big all-wheel-force coupe shoots forward—and appears satisfied to hold it up for as long as the driving force’s braveness holds out. Aerodynamic resistance in the end wins at 209 mph, Bentley says, declaring that this makes the Supersports not handiest the speediest Bentley ever however additionally the quickest 4-seat vehicle inside the global.

in addition to the 209-mph coupe, the Supersports additionally may be offered as a convertible rated for a pinnacle velocity of 205 mph. patron call for will determine the body-style mix of the 710-car production run, 250 of in order to be allocated to the us. the first coupes may be 2017 models, and the convertible can be added for 2018. The name Supersports additionally seemed on a 2009–2012 Continental, of which 1900 have been built. the first use changed into in 1925 while the call turned into “first rate sport,”  phrases and singular. Founder W.O. Bentley guaranteed the original could pinnacle a hundred mph, powered with the aid of a four-cylinder engine. 
Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price

This new one employs two times that displacement and three times the cylinders, with its W-12. From the 552 horsepower this engine provided within the 2004 Continental GT, output has multiplied to 582 in these days’s equivalent version and 633 ponies in the GT pace. beginning with the velocity model, Bentley engineers accompanied a few traditional paths to push it up to 700 horsepower inside the Supersports. larger turbochargers feed into a remodeled consumption device through revised intercoolers, new foremost and connecting-rod bearings lessen friction, and the programmers recalibrated the gas injection, ignition timing, and cam phasing. Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price.

The exhaust system additionally turned into revised for freer respiratory and to invite a crackling backfire throughout downshifts. The 8-pace automatic transmission receives a torque converter with faster lockup and may be shifted manually thru large paddles established to the guidance column—these are awkwardly located, even though, being too high and too some distance at the back of the wheel for short work, and their reaction feels dampened. guide selection is higher completed thru the hefty mechanical-feeling console-installed shifter with its committed plus/minus gate. In reality, the automatic programming is so exact that the drivers from Bentley’s very own GT3 racing group say there’s no gain to deciding on your very own gears, even at Estoril.
Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price

After a slightly important put off from idle, simply too short to call lag, the massive 12-cylinder is keen to rev to its 6250-rpm redline, just three hundred rpm past the power peak. however what simply dominates the engine’s man or woman is the massive 750 lb-ft of torque (one hundred greater than you get in a Hellcat and fully gift at 2050 rpm versus the Chrysler’s 4800-rpm peak). That and the smoothness of a 12, which has half again as many energy strokes per revolution as a V-eight. For all its upgrades, the W-12 nonetheless employs port fuel injection, so there’s none of that gritty undertone that often accompanies direct-injection technology. In light use, it’s as quiet and clean as any competitor’s 12-cylinder; press the pedal deep into the wool carpet and the engine emits a bass-observe roar that’s no longer particularly melodious but is truely authoritative. Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price.

given that the automobile expenses about $three hundred,000, odds are that maximum readers will best pay attention a Supersports from the outdoor besides, wherein they’ll be greater entertained than is the motive force with the aid of the exhaust crackle whilst the coupe downshifts. as a minimum that’s our impact from driving top-down within the convertible, in which the soundtrack stated performance. With the steel roof, even though, the cabin is so properly remoted that the exhaust noises appeared far flung.
Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price

gasoline financial system? actually you jest. The W-12 in base form is equipped with cylinder deactivation, however that characteristic went over the aspect with the upgrade to hurry specification. count on an EPA metropolis rating of 11 mpg, which means Bentley proprietors can be buying a whole lot of premium-grade gasoline.

Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price

aside from the drivetrain, the special effect that units the Supersports aside from nearly all preceding Continentals is that Bentley has tailored and progressed upon the brake-based totally torque-vectoring system it employed inside the race-vehicle-stimulated GT3-R, a greater devoted overall performance version with the lighter twin-rapid V-eight engine and only  seats. Making this W-12 version turn as nicely because it is going is a more challenge, given its mass. Bentley admits to extra than 5000 kilos in coupe form and extra than 5400 for the convertible—and the coupe’s front wheels are stated to be stressed with fifty eight percent of the overall.

regardless of the all-wheel-power machine sending a default 60 percentage of the torque to the rear (variable between 35 and eighty five percent), nimble was by no means going to be on this automobile’s vocabulary. by way of making use of some braking force to the interior wheels while coming into a corner, but, torque vectoring makes the Supersports turn in greater promptly. You’ll now not mistake it for a sports car that dives for an apex, however this grand tourer can find that apex reliably. 
Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price

Lapping Estoril is an workout in deliberation—get all your braking carried out in a straight line, flip in past due, and don’t touch the throttle until you have got your go out factor coated up. another technique yields tire-squealing understeer. In greater usual occasions, such as the back roads and the highways round Lisbon, the Supersports is a laugh and smooth to region in corners or when you ask it to make a pass on a narrow two-lane. The oligarch who wishes to make haste to his us of a retreat might be nicely served. Bentley Continental GT V8 2018 Reviews, Specs, Price.

The air-spring suspension tuning, Bentley says, is less attackable than in a Continental pace and the Supersports rides zero.1 inch lower. The suspension is tunable throughout four steps ranging from comfort to recreation. The differences amongst them are narrow, to the factor that the difference among the firmest and softest is sort of indiscernible. Even in sport mode, the journey over difficult pavement continues to be exemplary—it feels as if the suspension flattens bumps in the street more than it absorbs such disruptions.

Carbon-ceramic brake discs the scale of a flying saucer (well, almost—the front rotors are 16.five inches throughout and the rears are gripped with the aid of 8-piston front calipers but, fantastically, only unmarried-piston sliding calipers in lower back. They do a outstanding activity of hauling down this heavyweight from the speeds we noticed—up to one hundred fifty mph—but they have been smoking profusely after 4 laps of the tune. that is a GT, not a tune-day unique. The brake pedal has longer journey and a softer experience than we’d like, however smoke apart, we mentioned no obtrusive fade in tough use. We also observed  missing objects: dust amassing on the 21-inch cast-aluminum wheels, and the squeal and grinding sounds that often accompany carbon-ceramic discs. Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer credit the engineering of the brake pads for the absence of both annoyances, a part of the eye to Bentley clients’ desires.

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