The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price

The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price

The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price - A £164,107 Porsche 911, with 611bhp and 516lb ft. it's miles the quickest 911 ever to leave the manufacturing facility. Its sole goal seems to be putting each Porsche tuner out of enterprise – I imply how a great deal more electricity do you really need?

the base engine is same to the 997 GT2 (that is not constructed), but runs specific turbochargers, new intercoolers, new pistons and a brand new engine management gadget to run 1.6 bar of increase, over the last cars 1.4bar. Claimed performance is of the ‘what-the-hell’ variety with 0-62mph in three.5sec, 0-100mph in 6.8sec and a ‘Ring lap of 7min 18sec. The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price.

The chassis is largely barely up-rated GT3 RS, which is a quite stable base. There are some adjustments to healthy this turbo utility and for even higher reaction the rear axle has greater stable linkages than the GT3 RS.
The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price

Aerodynamically, it’s quite much like the 997 GT2, however runs a new splitter, new rear diffuser and an additional gurney at the rear wing. Doesn’t sound like tons, but it almost has as a lot downforce as the GT3 RS. All that carbon, plus plastic rear and aspect windows shave 70kg over the past GT2.

Comedy speedy. I jumped out of a brand new 997 faster S into this element and, at the start, questioned what the fuss become all about. Being turbocharged, it doesn’t make tons noise and it’s so clean to force at low speed, rides so nicely, which you treat it like any everyday 911. The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price.

The constant buckets are equal to the GT3 RS’s, the dash is apparent 911, there’s a ways much less induction noise than you get inside the usually aspirated motors. It’s really all a touch disappointing till you open the faucets in 0.33 and the automobile drags the horizon onto your forehead. There’s no PDK alternative, only a strong, short-throw manual. The clock might have you consider that a faster S is faster to 62 and as rapid to 100mph, however, as ever, the clock lies. This automobile is special-international rapid to the faster S.
The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price

The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price

And of course it’s a project for the driver. No other turbocharged 911 comes near providing the chassis balance that this automobile does. It has monster front–axle grip and it doesn’t set to that preliminary understeer that used to plague the 996 GT2. you switch, it grips, the motor lunges, the front axle grips extra, then the loopy traction takes-over on the go out of turns. The guidance is beautiful. drive it fast, use its capability for a few minutes and you have to lower back-away before the numbers get stupid. The traction and balance manage calibration is a masterstroke: you could use so much of the performance, a lot of the time.

It’s freakishly secure too. now and again a low speed bump elicits a creak from those rear rose-joints, in any other case it rides no greater harshly than a Carrera on sports activities suspension. In truth it might just be greater supple. I noticed 334kmh on the speedo, and it become still pulling like a mentalist. The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price.

It’s faster, greater useable and a ways less expensive than a 599 GTO. however then it doesn’t experience as unique, isn’t lathered in as plenty carbon and is genuinely mute in comparison to the musical Fandango. Neither the Lamborghini LP670 SV or LP570-4 SL are as quick or as capable. but once more they both trounce the GT2 RS for sheer drama.
The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price

those front wings are new for this vehicle. rather than the GT3 RS’s unpleasant extensions, they’re one-piece items, albeit an non-obligatory one. It’s very high-priced and doesn’t sound as precise because the GT3 RS, and they need to be making three hundred, no longer 500. but this is a extraordinary automobile. Veyron apart, it’s the fastest street automobile I’ve pushed – but it’s absolutely useable and it nonetheless involves you inside the procedure. need. The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price.

A conservative 641bhp and 750Nm are the numbers Porsche is inclined to reveal prior to the car’s real homologation later this year, but inside the lifestyle of the GT2 RS, the final numbers are positive to be a good deal more. Porsche engineers have taken the engine from a faster S and slotted it, as typical, inside the back. handiest now there’s a brand new water-cooled intercooler, which, allied to new turbos, greater raise and revised internals, lets in the GT2 RS its large output. energy is channeled to the rear wheels through a seven-speed PDK gearbox and electronically controlled locking differential.

despite traction being barely confined, it’s probable to match the two.9 seconds of the turbo S from zero-62mph. It feels each bit as speedy as that from the passenger seat, too. It’ll attain 124mph in less than 9 seconds, whilst the top pace is predicted to hit 211mph. The way it reached 180mph at the German autobahn turned into little brief of wonderful, with the engine’s large mid-variety performance and the rate of the PDK’s shift obtrusive from the passenger seat.
The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price

The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price

It’s the GT department’s intention – and a necessity for the car’s flagship fame – for the GT2 to overcome all its inner competition. outside opponents ought to also preserve an eye on their mirrors, because the RS is gunning for them, too. Its rose-jointed, upside-down established race dampers and is derived are basically from the 911 Cup vehicle, but it rides definitely nicely on (admittedly easy) German tarmac.

There’s plenty the same downforce as at the GT3 RS, most effective it’ll be generated via a distinct aero bundle. A large rear wing dominates the returned, with the the front getting a pouting splitter and large intakes. The front wing vents will remain, handiest they’ll feature GT2-precise vanes. The brake-cooling ducts on the bonnet will make it to production, too. reduced mass plays its part, with the GT2 RS positive to weigh less than 1,500kg. The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price.
The New Porsche 911 GT2 RS Review, Specs, Price

select the optional Weissach package deal and that drops through some other 30kg, even as the massive magnesium wheels account for 12kg. Carbon fibre anti-roll bars and different suspension elements shave extra than 5kg from the burden, and a titanium roll cage drops any other 7kg. the same old, lightweight, magnesium roof borrowed from the GT3 RS is changed with the aid of a carbon fibre one with the Weissach p.c..

The GT2 RS is about to preserve in which its predecessor left off. A mad-searching, bonkers performance car, the production version must be very unique indeed.

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