2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

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2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

Updating a large-selling automobile is a complicated business. Do it properly, and the cash keeps to flow; screw it up, and heads will roll. it's possibly why Mercedes-Benz took this sort of mild contact with its freshening of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC300 compact luxury SUV, to start with brought for 2015.

We designated the makeover of the 2020 GLC while it debuted at the 2019 Geneva automobile display. here is a short recap: slight tweaks to the front and rear fascias and sparkling head- and taillamps spruce up the outdoors, whilst the combination of the elective MBUX infotainment gadget addresses the current purchaser's insatiable starvation for monitors and tech. speak of which, the resolution and picture high-quality of the important 10.3-inch screen are high-quality, and the navigation animations that overlay directional arrows on the digicam photograph of the street are each neat and helpful. An up to date steering wheel with the state-of-the-art contact controls is another pleasant improve, in particular since the conventional console set up click wheel controller has been banished and changed by a reasonably intuitive touchpad interface. together with the touchpad, MBUX also can be controlled through the touchscreen, the steerage wheel control pads, or the gesture- and voice-reputation structures. 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

The interior follows the acquainted wood, steel, fake leather, and real leather components from the preceding GLC, even though we did note that the cloth at the doorsills and dash did appear to be of a slight decrease grade than the ones of nicer Mercedes models such as the E-class. if you're questioning it seems like commercial enterprise as normal with some additional color and cloth mixtures, you're right. 

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

The real news may be found under the hood inside the shape of the new engine, the M264 turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4. It makes 255 horsepower and 273 lb-feet of torque, a 14-hp development over the turbocharged M274 engine it replaces. even as fuel-economic system numbers haven't been launched, Mercedes is billing the new powerplant as a fuel-performance and decreased-emissions play, albeit one with none deficit in overall performance. It utilizes a twin-scroll turbo and a glide-optimized exhaust manifold to assist it reaps its peak torque at a low 1800 rpm. Mercedes's 9-velocity automatic is the only transmission option in both rears- and all-wheel-pressure (4Matic) variations, with the latter including $2000 to the window sticky label.

at the autobahn out of doors of Frankfurt, Germany, it's difficult to tell the distinction among the brand new GLC and the outgoing version. Throttle tip-in is familiarly easy and modern, and the new engine digs in while referred to as upon round city. That said, abrupt mid-throttle applications at higher speeds were occasionally met with a pregnant pause before any ahead motion took place. casual drivers will rarely observe, however people who definitely experience driving may find it distracting. as soon as on top of things, but, the GLC300 is a true toll road superstar, knocking off miles with little effort even as preserving occupants coddled in quiet consolation. That includes rear passengers, as the GLC300 offers affordable foot and hip room for 2, in addition to for 3 for short durations.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

once we have been fully schooled in its on-road conduct, we had the possibility to assignment off-road at the ADAC Off-street center near Rüsselsheim, Germany. although GLC300s sure for the USA will no longer be to be had with the Dynamic body control gadget of the automobiles we sampled, stateside models do get adaptive dampers and a chassis able to elevating the journey height via roughly three-quarters of an inch. given that the off-street route became scouted through Mercedes-Benz in advance, we didn't assume to encounter any barriers that would prevent the GLC in its tracks. still, in an era while the pseudo-rugged appearance of many crossovers belies their genuine abilities, there may be a positive delight in knowing the GLC300 isn't shy approximately getting dirty. Navigating ankle-deep dust and ascending steep inclines with aplomb, the GLC rarely spun a wheel in desperation.

missing any fundamental advancements keep for its new engine, which we'll reserve in addition touch upon until we challenge the GLC to our in-residence testing procedures, the modern-day iteration of Mercedes's popular GLC300 gives simply enough styling and tech updates to preserve matters interesting without rocking the boat. in case you liked the vintage one, you'll love the new one.

Refreshes can be all around the map, and the GLC's modifications err greater in the direction of mild than wild. style-clever, the SUV provides a chunk more person with the aid of manner of svelte headlights, a new grille, and tweaks to the front and rear bumpers. It nonetheless toes the birthday celebration line, though, sporting a number of aesthetic touches which might be paying homage to different new Mercedes SUVs like the GLE-elegance -- and that includes each the traditional long-roof GLC-magnificence SUV and the sportier, rakish fastback of the Coupe variant. It does not look too special, but that is satisfactory because the auto turned into masses handsome to start with. LED headlights and rear lights are now popular, too.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

The modifications retain inside in which, once more, now not tons has modified. there is a brand new steering wheel nicked from other Mercs that provides touchpads for each thumb, and it moves the cruise-control and motive force-help capabilities from a stalk to a greater prominent (and less complicated to get right of entry to) cluster of switches on the left aspect of the wheel. the general vibe hasn't shifted too much, though -- it is nonetheless a cozy, elegant location to be, whether or not the dashboard is protected in supple leather (GLC63) or a much less costly, extra durable cloth (GLC300).

Spec your GLC the right way, and you'll be staring down distinctive screens: a 12.three-inch digital instrument cluster that replaces the gauge cluster, and a 10.25-inch screen "floating" atop the middle console. The most primary part of the GLC's refresh lives there; MBUX, Mercedes-Benz's ultra-modern infotainment system, builds upon the old COMAND telematics setup by way of including fresher photographs, better responsiveness and a digital assistant that springs to lifestyles whenever it hears, "Howdy, Mercedes." MBUX may be very, superb, however the handiest problem is the voice recognition generally has a tendency to kick in on every occasion it hears "Mercedes" without the "hi there," leading to awkward shouts of "Cancel!" every time I tried to talk about the automobile or the automaker at the same time as seated in the cabin.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

The GLC300 is to be had in each rear- and all-wheel force configurations, but the engine under the hood is the identical no matter what. The SUV's 2.0-liter inline-four puts out 255 horsepower and 273 pound-toes of torque, upgrades of 14 and 0, respectively, over the pre-refresh GLC. A nine-velocity automatic transmission is the simplest cog-swapper on offer.

My time with the GLC300 is spent on sinewy forest roads around Frankfurt, Germany. The revised powertrain gives up plenty of usable round-city torque, even though a number of that comes from the EQ increase 48-volt moderate hybrid system that's available on European GLC300 fashions, but no longer US-spec editions, which is a shame, due to the fact that little bit of electrification does cross a protracted way. On unrestricted portions of the autobahn, this twee engine has no problem hanging out at higher speeds for extended stretches of time, however, it does take a bit of effort to get there; this is an engine that likes to live in a greater efficient part of the rev variety. it'll be more than sufficient engine for a majority of the SUV's target market. Chevrolet 2020 Silverado Review

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

My tester is ready with optionally available air suspension, and hoo boy, it makes for quite the sit back lifestyles. whether or not tough or easy, the street's annoyances are all but eliminated, leaving the cabin feeling like a pillow floating down the street. it's no longer so smooth that it feels floaty or otherwise aloof, but it's one of the pleasant rides I've experienced in this segment.

Like before, the GLC300 is to be had in both popular SUV and the fastback Coupe variants, with the latter commanding a chunk extra money for style at the same time as consuming into shipment space. On a drive across the Frankfurt location, the best GLC300 variation on provide was the "everyday" one, which I decide upon. no longer only does it hold that conventional long-roof form, it gives superior rearward visibility and slightly greater cargo area, that's grasp for long journeys with buddies or family. the additional rear-seat headroom is a boon for my 6-foot frame, too. 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 Review, Specs, Price

present-day SUVs might not continually have ruggedness in mind, but the GLC300 packs a surprising quantity of capability off the beaten course. Mercedes-Benz prepares a pretty complex off-road course, or even with the stock all-season tires geared up, the GLC proved extra successful than maximum consumers will ever need. equipped with the elective off-avenue bundle and air suspension, the ute will offer as much as 9.6 inches of the tip top, although better suspension degrees are restrained to speeds underneath approximately 12 miles in step with hour. it is able to handle 35-degree banks and 70% grades, competently crawling via dirt and dust at angles that left me wondering if these days would be the day I finally tip over a utility car. For a bit of gamification, MBUX offers a selected off-street screen that shows character wheel articulation, slope and tilt angles and throttle position. Suffice it to say, it's extra than most customers will ever need.

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