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2019 Mercedes Benz GLS | Carshighlight.com

A chuffing large Mercedes is what it's miles. Longer and wider than ever, the “S-magnificence of SUVs” (Merc’s phrases) is quite probably one in all the largest automobiles on sale in Britain. See you later you could almost fit a whole Fiat 500 simply in its wheelbase, now not to mention the contents of numerous C-magnificence Estates in its indoors.

It's miles surely gargantuan and, we suspect, verging on just too extensive for British towns and towns. Genuinely won’t suit through a 6ft 6in width restrictor, or to your neighborhood NCP. Force it thru the Eurotunnel and you’ll want to trip with the coaches and caravans in preference to the other automobiles. 2019 Mercedes Benz GLS

Now in its third era, Mercedes says the GLS competes with the variety Rover and Tesla version X. Most at once, although, with the brand new BMW X7 - the creation of which the GLS no question very plenty stimulated. We reckon it’ll also enchantment to people searching at pricier versions of the Land Rover Discovery, Audi Q7, and Volvo XC90.

The alternate-off for this massiveness is interior space - like its rivals, the GLS is as sizable internal as it's far out of doors, with space for seven completely-grown adults and all their matters.

2019 Mercedes Benz GLS | Carshighlight.com

Wasn’t usually known as the GLS. Returned within the noughties Merc’s largest SUV was simply the GL - then the employer played around with its naming structure, including the extra letter to reflect that is the S-class to the GLE’s E-class, GLC’s C-class and so-on.

Because the model’s creation in 2006 greater than half of a million had been bought, primarily in the united states. Which, as it happens, is where it’s constructed (alongside the GLE in Alabama) and in which we’re riding it. And, amusingly, in which it feels no much less compact and wieldy than a Ford Fiesta does in West London.

2019 Mercedes Benz GLS Review

Big antique bus, the GLS. But doesn’t actually experience it inside the States, in which it’s dwarfed with the aid of Chevy Suburbans and Ford F-150s. Much like the S-magnificence, the focus here is on comfort and refinement, although a manifestly plenty attempt has been placed into overlaying the GLS’s proper size and weight. For instance, the ‘E-lively body manipulate’ suspension, which made its debut on the GLE, keeps the car eerily flat inside the bends (or even tilts it in, like the S-elegance Coupe) and scans the street beforehand so it may put together itself for upcoming bumps. It can even correctly jump the auto out of trouble off-avenue (where the GLS is impressively successful), and gives man or woman manipulate of the automobile’s trip height at every nook with sliders. It’s an outstanding bit of kit, absolute confidence. And we’re informed it'll make it to the UK sooner or later.

2019 Mercedes Benz GLS | Carshighlight.com

Until then, all GLSs destined for British roads to get regular air suspension. No terrible thing - it’s as excellent a setup as you’ll find anywhere, albeit missing the adaptability and body control of the high-priced forty eight-volt E-ABC. For the form of driving maximum GLS owners will do it does the job just high-quality.

That is usually a totally relaxed vehicle - whatever the suspension, and but big the alloys (they cross as much as 23-inches), the GLS flows down the street like a huge SUV ought to, with a bit heave, pitch, and roll, but a reassuring weight, solidity, and stability. It’s comfy and unstressed, and an honestly incredible car in which to do the distance, too - very slippy for a huge SUV so wind-noise is kept to a minimal, the seats are terrific and the engines lusty, long-legged and all-but silent.

2019 Mercedes Benz GLS Specs

On engines - Brits handiest get one. It’s the 3.Zero-litre instantly-six diesel from, nicely, quite a good deal each other huge Benz you care to say. We’ve attempted it the S-magnificence, E-magnificence, G-elegance, GLE and possibly a few others we’ve forgotten about. And it’s extraordinary - powerful, brawny, or even sounds quite fine while you lean into it. A close to-ideal fit. Of direction, it isn’t a massively speedy car, the GLS 400d, but it isn’t bad - 0-62mph takes 6. Three seconds and the top velocity is 148mph way to 325bhp and 516lb toes.

2019 Mercedes Benz GLS | Carshighlight.com

The ones looking greater velocity can watch for the directly-six petrol GLS 450, which deploys Merc’s ‘EQ’ mild-hybrid tech’ (362bhp, 369lb ft, zero-62mph in 6.2 seconds, 153mph). No V8 simply yet, as we Brits don’t (and received) get us’s lovely GLS 580, which uses the familiar four. Zero-litre V8 from all AMGs ever, however with the identical forty eight-volt slight-hybrid gubbins as the 450.

Inevitably there could be a right AMG in some unspecified time in the future if you want to no doubt have a whopping-amazing V8 with upwards of 600bhp. A Maybach-badged posh(er) GLS should arrive in some unspecified time in the future too, though we don’t understand what engine that could get. All engines come with the nine-speed automatic gearbox, which 95 in step with cent of the time is smooth and quick-reacting, but has a tendency to get a touch flustered and out of sync if you demand an unexpected beginning of acceleration.

2019 Mercedes Benz GLS Price

The GLE and GLB may additionally have seven seats, but the GLS is the most effective Mercedes SUV that can without difficulty accommodate seven adults. Mercedes costs the rearmost seats for adults up to one. Ninety-four meters tall (provided the second one-row is slid as some distance forwards as it’ll go), which could be very tall certainly. Said seats also can be heated, and gain from their personal weather controls and sector. Moving into them is quite honest, too - all the seats move approximately electrically, but they take their candy time.

2019 Mercedes Benz GLS | Carshighlight.com

A smart microphone setup pipes the driver’s voice thru the rear audio system and the rear passengers’ through the fronts so that you can have a communique without having to shout. Don’t tell your children approximately it, although, because after they locate the microphones there’s no knowing what they may do.

American GLS get six-seats as popular because apparently, they like being capable of efficiently stroll among rows two and 3. British motors get a more traditional seven-seat setup. The area is sufficient in any of the 3 rows, but you’ve configured the seats. Displays and electrically-operated massage seats with pillowy headrests are to be had and do a decent job of making you believe you studied you’re in a taller, extra ethereal S-elegance. However we can’t help however think if this thing is really seeking to be the “S-class of SUVs”, it ought to be plusher nonetheless. We realize there are a posher GLS coming, thoughts…

The dashboard is basically similar to the GLE’s, that means it’s ruled through great screens - one for the driver’s instrumentation, the opposite for controlling the brand new MBUX infotainment system, which arrived closing year with the A-magnificence and has for the reason that made its manner into larger automobiles like the GLE and S.

2019 Mercedes Benz GLS Performance

On first assembly, the software program, and all the numerous ways of controlling it, can feel a chunk daunting. Two touchpads on the wheel manipulate left- and right-aspect monitors respectively, The valuable screen is also contacted touchy, or may be controlled with any other touchpad on the center console, in which you used to discover a click on-wheel.

2019 Mercedes Benz GLS | Carshighlight.com

Get it set up the way you need it, though, and it’s super - fantastic excellent pics and an attractive UI, and smart voice manipulate that simply works a deal with. Until I’m told, you have got an in particular thick regional accessory. In the united states it’s nearing Siri stages of cleverness, in that it could answer popular know-how questions like “who’s the President of us?”, convert between devices and so-on. Pity UK motors can’t do that just but.

The giant majority of the switchgear and substances experience on-point, although possibly now not pretty as excellent as those you get in a real S-elegance. As ever, the greater you spend, the higher it receives, with fancier leathers, better headlining and posher trim. USB ports aplenty will preserve the children happy, however, remember your adapters due to the fact they’re all of the little USB-C variety.

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