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There are quite a few 0.33 birthday celebration Tesla apps to pick out from, but a lot of them simply reproduction the legit Tesla app’s fundamental capability and aren’t worth putting in. The most effective apps that genuinely warrant finding out are those who provide you with capability or analysis that you can’t get from Tesla without delay. Want to recognize how your cars battery health compares to different Tesla owners? Need to begin preheating your automobile with simply your voice? Properly, that’s where those apps are available in. These days, I’m taking a more in-depth examine Stats for iOS. Tesla Mobile App Free Download | Tesla USA

Some months in the past I reviewed a couple thrilling 1/3 birthday celebration Tesla apps: Tezlab and TeslaFi. I had some reservations round Tezlab, however on account that my unique evaluate they’ve continued to refine the enjoy and add new functions. I’m nonetheless retaining my eye on them and will in all likelihood do a comply with up sooner or later down the street. TeslaFi has remained my cross to conventional that i take advantage of day to day to song my usage, efficiency, battery fitness and greater. It’s not as easy to setup and use as Tezlab, but it offers greater of the deeper analytical data that I’m searching out.

And earlier than I bounce in, all 1/3 birthday party Tesla apps need you to log in along with your Tesla Credentials to generate a Tesla API token. Some even can help you input your Tesla API token without delay. Before diving into any of these apps, ensure you look at how the developer is the usage of your statistics to make sure you’re cozy. If you need to deauthorize a developer, all you need to do is change your Tesla account password and your API token will now not paintings.

Over the last month or so I’ve had some of you advocate Stats for me to test out. It charges $15 proper now inside the App keep, which may appear like lots as compared to what you notice with other apps selling for. Is it well worth that charge? In short, yes, I suppose it is and here’s why.

Stats falls somewhere among Tezlab and TeslaFi for convenience and capability. Simply download, log in, and start using the app. There’s no additional setup needed to make certain it’s not going to empty your motors battery. No loopy configurations on sleep cycles. Just install and pass, which is very much like Tezlab.

Tesla Mobile App Free Download | Tesla USA

What you’ll see while you first log in is the battery screen. On here you’ll see your motors rate amount with a controllable slider for placing your most fee. Beneath that, you’ll get a readout of your average hourly phantom drain, variety said through the car vs. Your anticipated variety based for your using performance, and facts from your remaining charge. It’s a minimally designed screen, but it is packed with a stunning quantity of information on the current kingdom of your vehicle. It’s a remarkable little picture.

Move over to the bar chart icon inside the fundamental nav and you’ll find an extra strong display of your personal riding records over the years. You won’t see details on unique drives, but you’ll see breakdowns of expenses, brought miles, charging value, kWh introduced, and savings over gasoline. You may view this in day by day, weekly, or month-to-month stages.

Study your driving performance, or MPGe, based at the period of experience: an average of fifty miles, two hundred miles, and 500 miles. And yes, earlier than all and sundry remarks, you may transfer this to metric. One of the matters that I virtually like about TeslaFi is that it indicates a breakdown of temperature effect on performance, and so does Stats. This is one of the areas where the UI fails the app a touch bit. There’s a without problems missed tiny graph icon within the “driving efficiency” section that you may tap to get a pleasing scatter plot of your battery efficiency by way of temperature.

Tesla Mobile App Review | Tesla USA

Similarly down the web page you may get charts on miles pushed in step with day, week, or month. Underneath that you get reviews on fee fee in kW towards the battery stage. This is some thing that I absolutely didn’t like how Tezlab displayed it ... I sort of lost my thoughts on their use of bar charts ... Feel free to observe that overview to peer my mini bar chart meltdown. Well, Stats presentations this statistics as a line graph in very easy to digest way. I right now understood what i used to be looking at the first time I loaded up the app. I tip my UI designers hat to the developer for this one.

And we’re nevertheless not performed with the facts. Stats also offers you a scatter chart to your battery’s health, which helps you monitor battery degradation. It’s a super stat to hold an eye fixed on, however no longer something you must get anxiety over. And in the end, a breakdown of phantom drain. On the primary display screen we got our average hourly drain, but here we will slice the drain via day, week, and month, and even better, it includes a bit map to expose you in which the drain occurred. The UI of how this region capabilities became a touch difficult in the beginning, however makes a number of feel once you use it. This could be very beneficial in case you see an big spike in drain, so that you can jog your memory as to what might have took place on that day. For me I’ll occasionally see better phantom drain if I’m doing a sequence of brief errands around town. The car doesn’t have an opportunity to go into a deep sleep to store electricity, and in case you’re sitting within the automobile expecting circle of relatives to run into a store, the car is going to have a better than everyday phantom drain.

Some other place wherein I dinged Tezlab, however gave TeslaFi high marks for, was for statistics export. I need to offer Stats a digital high 5 due to the fact they also consist of a way to export the statistics on your very own use. The one disadvantage is that it’s no longer apparent how to accomplish that. In places in which you can export the information, you’ll see a little proportion icon at the top proper corner of the graph. Faucet that and also you’ll get options for exporting.

Move to the line graph icon inside the navigation and this is wherein you notice aggregated statistics for all Stats customers. Each Tezlab and TeslaFi offer some insights like this, so it’s extremely good to peer Stats inclusive of something find it irresistible too. This indicates you averages for riding performance and phantom drain throughout customers, as well as firmware versions and what number of humans have which model. Once more, it’s not like you’ll be spending numerous time in this display, however it gives you a benchmark for assessment.

Stats additionally offers a number of the basic controls which you’ll get in any third element app, like weather control, keyless using, locking and unlocking doors, honking the horn, flashing the lighting, and in which the car is currently parked.

However I saved the fine for last: Stats includes Siri Shortcuts support! You can set up voice instructions for locking doors, heating seats and the cabin, opening the trunk and frunk, starting and stopping charging, starting the price port, and get your vehicle’s variety or temperature. When you’ve configured your personalised Siri voice instructions, you could use your iPhone, iPad, Homepod, or Apple Watch to start warming up your car in the morning. Before the Stats app I had been the usage of the far flung S app for this, which become hit or miss from my enjoy. It become also the most effective specific functionality that app supplied in comparison to the Tesla app, in order soon as I hooked up Stats, far flung S become deleted from my phone. I’ve been using Siri Shortcuts to warm up my vehicle each morning.

Stats also has some extra matters to be had buried within the settings menu. You may configure notifications if your automobile is unlocked and no person is internal, or in case your weather manipulate is on and also you’re not inside the vehicle. There’s also a putting for scheduling heating and cooling, that could come in reachable if you leave home on the same time every day. And for the ones pace freaks obtainable, there’s a 0-60 size device.

Now, is all of it sunshine and rainbows? Close, however there are some minor nitpicks that i've. In case you’ve visible a number of my different videos, you realize that I’m a UI clothier, so a number of my nitpicks are without a doubt at the picky aspect. While the UI is easy and the facts show is easy to understand, some of the navigation is puzzling. There aren’t any labels to the primary navigation, so that you best have nondescript icons to try to decipher. What’s the distinction between the bar chart icon and line graph icon? When you see the content material at the monitors, it makes ideal experience why the content material is grouped the manner it is. The bar chart icon is your statistics vs. The road graph as all person data, but without labels, and icons which are very much like each different, it’s now not clean what you’re going to look whilst you tap on it.

The charts themselves additionally don’t have a regular identify or label. The records is all there, however you need to decipher each chart from it’s precise labeling, tabs, and graph statistics. And as I noted in advance, the icons for exporting facts and seeing how temperature affects your battery are hidden and easily neglected.

The ones are very, very minor nitpicks from a UI clothier. A little TLC on some icon choices and labels could assist the usability, but the structure and business enterprise of the app is pretty strong.

Tesla Mobile App Free Download Features:

The Tesla app puts owners in direct communication with their vehicles and Powerwalls anytime, anywhere. With this app, you can:
  • Check to charge progress in real-time and start or stop charging
  • Heat or cool your car before driving – even if it's in a garage
  • Lock or unlock from afar
  • Locate your vehicle with directions or track its movement
  • Send an address from your favorite apps to start navigation in your car
  • Allow your passengers to quickly control media
  • Flashlights or honk the horn to find your vehicle when parked
  • Vent or close the panoramic roof
  • Summon your vehicle out of your garage or tight parking space (for vehicles with Autopilot)
  • Update your vehicle software from wherever you are
  • Engage with Powerwall: monitor how much energy is stored from solar, used by your home, or exported to the grid
  • Download your solar production and battery usage data

Tesla Mobile App Free Download Info:
  • Car Owners. Your car must be delivered and have mobile app access enabled in order to use the Tesla app. You can enable and disable mobile access by going to ‘Controls’ and then ‘Safety & Security’ on your car’s touchscreen. After taking delivery, if you are having trouble logging into your Tesla Account, make sure you are using the correct email and password. For additional information, visit Account Support.
  • Energy Product Owners. To access the Tesla app, your Energy product must be installed and powered.

Tesla Mobile App Link Download:

Information For iOS:
Seller: Tesla, Inc.
Size: 115 MB
Category: Lifestyle
Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese
Copyright: © 2020 Tesla Inc.
Price: Free

Information For Android:
Updated: June 9, 2020
Size: 66M
Installs: 500,000+
Current Version: 3.10.5-400
Requires Android: 5.0 and up
Permissions: View details
Report: Flag as inappropriate
Offered By: Tesla, Inc.

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