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Audi S1 2017 - It's an amazement, for the most part. We've by and by got used to Audi street autos being quick and effective however infrequently exciting, (see the most recent S3 for proof of that), so when the little S1 went along our trusts weren't that light. Yet, it ended up being a right little heap of vivacious fun. A 227bhp, 4wd pocket rocket that knew precisely how to get itself around a corner. Great. 

Underneath is the well known 2.0-liter turbo motor from the Golf GTI, yet here it has a much littler impression out and about, which means better readiness, and, obviously, less weight to foot around. What's more, uncommon nowadays, a respectable six-speed manual. There is no S-tronic. However, in the event that by any stretch of the imagination. 
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What the S1 does that is diverse to other quick Audis is to urge you to act mischievously – look, it has a conventional handbrake that is basically asking to be yanked on mid-corner, and footing control that can be completely incapacitated. Join this with a 4wd framework that is just excessively capable, making it impossible to haul you out of whatever inconvenience you have yourself into and you're taking a gander at a fun and reliable sidekick. 

Obviously, you won't really be getting into mischief unless you're in a blanketed left auto park, will you? Which is the reason you'll be happy to hear that the S1 is drawing in regardless of the fact that you're simply destroying along to the shops. Footing is fabulous, the S1 uncovers itself from underneath corners hard and that sparky 227bhp gives it a practically fierce turn of pace on account of – for a hot Audi – amazingly supple suspension. This is a light, lively hot seal, so it's not cosseting precisely, but rather why might you need it to be? It has (number them) four fumes funnels jabbing out the back and you need to have the capacity to hear them as the motor indulgences itself through the mid-range on a blast of promptly open torque. It's legitimate fun this, and that is the first occasion when we've said that in regards to an Audi for some time. 
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It's an Audi, it's pleasant in here. Abandons saying. Top quality materials laid out in a reasonably advanced configuration, with perfectly damped controls, clear shows (we adore the light dark S-marked dials) and revolving handles that snap just so. The S1 effectively consolidates pro flow with keep-it-perpetually physicality. Convincing. 

Behind the hip-embracing basins in the front are seats in the back and there is a boot too, however that just means broken jugs and fellowships when you can't avoid getting a charge out of the S1's frame only once again. 
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Obviously £25,600 is a ton to pay for what began as a customary supermini (and that is before you begin with the choices list). In any case, it assumes the hot lid part well, has a decent notoriety for quality and dependability, in addition to devaluation ought to be low. Keeping in mind economy is no superior to anything normal, who cares when there's such a great amount of enjoyable to be had?

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