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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cloverleaf/QV 2017 - Presently Alfa is down to offering only three auto ranges in the UK, there's a considerable measure riding on the accomplishment of the Giulietta. It has sensibly widened the bid of standard models at the same time, as a brandishing brand, there's a significant weight of desire on any execution range-topper: the bar for the Cloverleaf is consequently set high by genuine motoring aficionados. 
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The hot portal segment is a quite antagonistic place at any rate, with the brain boggling gifts of the Golf GTI, the brilliant treatment of the Renaultsport Megane and the amazement all-round capacities of the most recent Ford Focus ST. Furthermore, there's the catch: lovely and individual the Giulietta Cloverleaf might be, despite everything it can't unsettle the enormous young men. 
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The Giulietta Cloverleaf is a fine taking care of auto, however particularly a GT as opposed to a hot trapdoor. It rides pleasantly, travels serenely and it's without bad habit. Doesn't sound exceptionally crude, isn't that right? No it's not, which is the reason aficionados will lean toward a Renaultsport Megane, and those after more solace orientated hot incubation facility will simply purchase a Golf GTI. 

Alfa overemphasizes its DNA framework, which as far as anyone knows gives the auto a few unique characters, yet this is as senseless as it sounds: just "Element" merits annoying with. It stimulates the throttle, upgrades wicked good torque and opens up the fumes. The controlling likewise weights up and the braking turns out to be more quick (neither get any more feel, tragically). Why isn't it simply designed this way and be finished with? The 1.75-liter turbo might be a diamond, yet generally speaking the Cloverleaf is off the pace. 
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The Giulietta's lodge is fascinating to take a gander at, and in Cloverleaf structure is pleasantly trimmed in shrewd materials. In any case, it's not of an equivalent quality to the better autos in this class, and there is a feeling that things may not keep going the length of they would in something more, er, German. Another problem is the nonattendance of an appropriate spot to rest your grip foot. It's an oversight that makes separation driving a genuine torment, some of the time truly. 

One aid for the Cloverleaf, in any case, is those concealed back entryways. You get the common sense of an appropriate five-entryway hatch here, however with the alluring roadster ish profile of a three-entryway model. So it has that Italian style thing sorted… 
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The Cloverleaf is a £25k auto. That is not exactly the Golf GTI, however not by much. You need to ask yourself how gravely you truly need an Italian five-entryway incubate, that is slower, less prudent and less equipped than the prototype Golf GTI. Indeed, even along these lines, for a 235bhp auto, it's reasonably fuel-proficient and its relative irregularity ought to mean held qualities are superior to anything Alfas of yore.

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