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Audi A1 2017 - Audi's supermini, a poshed-up VW Polo underneath. It rivals any semblance of the Mini and DS 3, which means the attempt to make the deal is on a premium lodge in addition to stacks of alternatives and trim combos. It's accessible in three-and five-entryway arranges (the last is named 'Sportback'). 

The midlife facelift has brought an exceptionally slight frontal restyling (we're talking "slight" as in 'you'll most likely think of it as slight of hand by Audi'), new top-end and route and availability choices, and a suite of changed motors that enhance execution and usability with less drinking and radiating. 
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Like any Audi, the A1 feels strong out and about and gets no curve balls the taking care of office, awful or something else. It feels like a greater, dislike a fighty and light-footed little supermini. You can have three levels of suspension. Disregard Sport or S line, keep to the more inconspicuous standard one, accessible on all demonstrates, on the grounds that it rounds-off UK-street roughness better, and exchanges little in directing sharpness. The 1.6 TDI motor improves than 80mpg on the official cycle (which implies only 82g/km of CO2), yet in the event that you're in a rush it doesn't feel like it needs to offer assistance. 

An additionally charming sub-100g/km choice is the new three-barrel 1.0-liter turbo petrol, a chirpy thing glad to rev higher. It's definitely justified even despite a look since it feels anything besides section level. The 1.4 turbo petrol accompanies 125bhp or with 150bhp in the event that you get the one that close down barrels for better efficiency. For the time being, outside the blazing S1, that is it. 
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Audi strength and materials quality even in a supermini means it's a class-pioneer. Beyond any doubt it doesn't have the idiosyncratic energy of a Mini, however you may not really need that, and it's surely trimmed in better stuff all through. It's a major compliment to say it feels simply like a greater Audi. 

In advance you're sitting in a decent seat with a good driving position, yet nobody purchasing a three-entryway will expect much back headroom. Won't get it either. The five-entryway is possibly better. The boot isn't incredible and diminishes further on the off chance that you arrange the Bose stereo with its subwoofer. The dash screen is worked by a handle underneath it, not the typical Audi controller on the passage. More awful. 
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Audi surely knows how to poke you up the value stepping stool. Base SE comes just on little wheels, so everybody is pushed into a £2k move up to Sport. A two-tone rooftop is costly as it orders metallic or pearl paint (you get it for nothing on a Mini). What's more, the 150bhp motor comes just in excessive S line spec. Indeed, even with the recently tidied up motors, the A1 can't rival the Mini for the execution to-CO2 proportion (in spite of the fact that the 1.0 is entirely miserly). Protection ain't modest for a little auto either. Be that as it may, it has solid residuals which brings down the lease and PCP regularly scheduled installments, and conveys entire life cost near a high-spec Fiesta. An A1 won't not be as out of compass as you first think…

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