Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review

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Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review

Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review - besides the famous reintroduction of the guide gearbox? nicely, you’re doubtlessly asking the wrong query. A higher one would be: how does this vary from the GT3 RS? due to the fact what we've here is a 911 GT3 that’s replaced its three.eight-litre flat six with a four.0-litre and won rear-wheel steering. adequate, it does with out the magnesium roof, the wider turbo frame and vents over the the front wheels to enhance downforce, but it’s simplest 10kg heavier and has the equal 493bhp and 339lb feet outputs. Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review.

Porsche says not, insisting that it’s a lightly altered version of the engine from the 911 Cup and RSR racers (wherein it produces 485 and 510bhp respectively). however that’s basically a lightly altered model of the GT3 RS motor, so we’re just going round in circles here.

what is proper is that just like the gen 1 991 GT3, this one revs to nine,000rpm, 200rpm past the RS. So the internals are new, decreasing friction and running temperatures, and allowing that lofty rev height. Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review.
Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review

Can’t tell you. This one’s a PDK. I recognise, I understand, we have been as pissed off by way of that as you're, but this became the primary right hand power automobile Porsche ought to get to the UK, so we had no desire.

however, I already understand the six-pace manual from the 911R. So i will tell you it’s got a quick, candy shift and that despite the fact that I haven’t pushed it yet, if i used to be shopping for a GT3, I’d have mine with the guide and be satisfied that I’d made the incorrect preference.

Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review

appearance, I’m overjoyed that Porsche has had the guts to back down and supply purists what they want. however I additionally recognise just how correct PDK has end up and just how nicely it works with this engine. I’d have the manual now not because, in time, it is probably the greater collectable one, however because of the extra interactivity it offers. The truth it slows you down and makes you concentrate greater. And no matter being 17kg lighter, it is slower. Spec the manual and the zero-62mph rises from three.4secs to a few.nine (despite the fact that the top pace genuinely climbs 1mph to 199mph). Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review.
Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review

beautiful. I assume this might now be the very first-class of all the dual snatch bins. Pull a paddle and it’s zero-shift, instant reaction. So getting the high-quality out of this engine is simple. And that shouldn’t be unnoticed, because a GT3 stuck off protect and out of its operating rev band isn’t that responsive.

No turbos do not forget? however in case you’re stuck in a high gear at low revs, simply pull and keep the left paddle and it’ll pick the bottom gear on your street pace that it can. inside the manual it’ll take plenty longer to dig yourself out of trouble.

Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review

however both manner, oh-my-God-the-engine. You forget what it’s like when a feral flat six goes stratospheric, soars beyond 7,000rpm and enters a world beyond the realm of turbos. It’s remarkable.

Thickly muscular low down, then strident via the mid-range, which develops into this yelping, screaming top stop. the primary time I accelerated difficult inside the new GT3 it absolutely stunned me with how difficult it hit. The noise is penetrating – it makes little difference whether you allow the sports exhaust or now not – and there’s this excellent manner the engine notice brightens and hardens as the acceleration builds to a punishing crescendo. It’s transcendental, taking on a lifestyles of its own. Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review.
Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review

when the 991 GT3 first seemed four years ago I don't forget writing that it changed into so unique, yet usable, that I’d happily have it as my day by day 911. because the relaxation of the range has moved to turbocharging, that’s even greater the case now. perhaps i might need the PDK then – the extra I reflect onconsideration on it, the harder the gearbox desire turns into. either way, the GT3 is now more distanced from the relaxation of the 911 variety.

It’s outstanding. The damping is firm but so polished and communicative, the steerage doesn’t wriggle and writhe quite as communicatively as of vintage, but with the aid of modern-day standards it’s stunning, and affords stability and statistics and confidence in abundance. a lot so you observe the front end just misses a fraction of flip-in bite at road speeds. I understand that’ll be there on course, in which you’ll have higher tyre temperatures and be capable of path brake to the apex, preserving weight on the nose – just what a rear-engined 911 loves.

The rear axle is mega. The force is so prompt that it appears like there’s a inflexible link from right foot to rubber and the behaviour because the speeds build is immaculate. Corners get zapped, the engine howls, the suspension dances – it’s all properly. And it rides with such dexterity that, at the same time as you wouldn’t name it cozy, you could say that you continually pass in sync with the auto, so that you’re now not jiggled approximately internal, however as an alternative move in time with it. Yep, you genuinely may want to run one of these as your each day motor and no longer go through. Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review.

using function perfection, if that isn’t too strong. This one came with the one-piece carbon bucket seats (£three,324) that hug tough, locking you in position. You’re sat low, your fingers fall on to a super proportioned guidance wheel (now the smaller diameter rim from the 918 Spyder). everything feels so proper.
Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review

And it’s so high-quality to appearance down at the centre console and have so few selections to make. Dampers on/off. Exhaust on/off. Gearbox recreation mode on/off. That’s it. It manner you've got a herbal, unadulterated vehicle here, the only the engineers need you to power, now not the only the advertising branch insists you have. Porsche 911 GT3 493bhp supercar Review.

game dampers intervene with the trip more than assist it, release manipulate – as you may see within the video underneath – is ridiculous. The £6,498 carbon ceramic brakes don’t fall into the entice of being over-servoed at the pinnacle in their journey, but are so proper whilst you get a few strain into them. Price is £111,802.

Porsche 911 GT3 Specification :

  • Engine               : 3799cc flat-six, direct injection
  • Max power        : 468bhp @ 8250rpm
  • Max torque        : 324 lb ft @ 6250rpm
  • 0-60                    : 3.5sec (claimed 0-62mph)
  • Top speed           : 196mph

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