Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price - consider that you have been born in 1961. just like George Clooney, Dennis Rodman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Dan Marino, Barack Obama, and John Pearley Huffman, you lived thru the cold war, the Gulf conflict, the invasion of Grenada, the Disco Invasion, the war on tablets, and conflict of the network Stars. You’re older than the net but too younger to have readily joined AARP seven years in the past. facebook? Yeah, get it. Snapchat? A mystery. while Toyota brought the Avalon back in 1994 you were 33, still a junior office drone, and that changed into a automobile aimed toward antique farts. inappropriate. Now right here comes the 2019-model-12 months, 5th-generation Avalon, and at fifty six occurring fifty seven, you are the vintage fart. Ralph Macchio, born November 4, 1961, this is your Toyota. Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

Conceptually, the Avalon sedan is similar to it ever changed into. It’s a riff at the Camry, a barely stretched and conservatively redecorated machine with maximum of the primo gadgets trendy. And it’s built at the equal meeting line because the Camry at Toyota’s huge plant in Georgetown, Kentucky. while it’s optimized for North American duty, a few Avalons might be exported to the middle East, however otherwise it sticks around the NAFTA neighborhood.

just like the all-new 2018 Camry, the 2019 Avalon is built across the TNGA thing set that still underpins the modern-day Prius and will be the bottom upon which Toyota will erect most of its new automobiles and crossovers. As ever, it’s a front-wheel-pressure four-door with a V-6; there’s also a hybridized version available that makes use of a 4-cylinder engine, however all-wheel power isn’t on the table. In an era when conventional, close to-luxurious sedans from a nonluxury emblem are out of favor, that is a traditional, close to-luxurious sedan from a nonluxury logo. The Avalon’s horsepower and cut down-weight numbers don’t rely a lot. however the ability shoppers’ 401(ok) balances do.

Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

As a chunk of sculpture, the brand new Avalon is flat-out appropriate. Designed at Toyota’s Calty studio—a jump across Ann Arbor, Michigan, from car and driver’s workplaces—it’s an inch lower than the outgoing Avalon with a wheelbase and shortened overhangs. The roofline is a single swoop from the rather decrease cover across to the trunk. In silhouette, the Avalon is a knockout. Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

but it’s fighting towards some overly competitive detailing, maximum especially on the grille which is, properly, ridiculous. It seems to unfold for acres and basically obliterates any concept of a the front bumper. There’s so much grille that most of it isn’t honestly open to airflow but is blocked off for aerodynamic performance. Toyota says the “higher and decrease grilles had been unified to explicit performance” and that “the the front grille has been produced from intersecting three-D surfaces for a top rate image.” ok, that’s quality. however some form-follows-characteristic restraint would have added dignity and self assurance to those attributes.

Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

nevertheless, inspite of that grille there’s a few precise within the nose. All grades of Avalon function slender, elegant LED lighting fixtures, with the XLE and XSE trim levels using three lamp factors even as the constrained and journeying models upload LED daytime-strolling-mild accents that outline the auto’s eyes. The lofty restricted and travelling additionally get adaptive cornering lighting that point into turns. That’s crucial for those people conscious that our peripheral imaginative and prescient is getting fuzzy as we age. Which sucks.

Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

The pleasant element about how the brand new Avalon seems is the way it dollars in opposition to the winning crossover-SUV orthodoxy. there may be not anything approximately this four-door that even slightly guidelines at a 5th door or off-road pretension. And after driving a pair dozen stultifying five-door things, it’s remarkable to look at a actual car once more. Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

The Avalon’s fashionable powerplant has usually been a V-6, and because the 2005 model yr that V-6 has been the 3.5-liter 2GR-FE. the brand new Avalon’s up to date 2GR is called the 2GR-FKS, as previously deployed inside the Tacoma pickup and numerous Lexus models. Augmented with the aid of Toyota’s D4-S machine, which mixes elements of each direct and port injection, the V-6 can run the Atkinson cycle, boasts a stout eleven.8:1 compression ratio, and is rated at 301 horsepower. That’s a gain of 33 horses over the 2018 version’s 268.

Toyota 2020 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

That output is channeled into an eight-speed automated transmission that makes final 12 months’s six-speed seem unfortunately archaic. 6th tools is a direct 1:1 ratio even as seventh and eighth are overdrives, the top ratio being an extremely-lengthy 0.sixty seven:1. within the brief drive available to C/D at the click intro, we determined manually prompted shifts were impressively short and positive. but folks who buy Avalons are much more likely to go away the tools selector in D and let the computer systems do the moving. thankfully, these are smart computers that keep engine revs low at part throttle without a great deal sensation of equipment looking.

The Avalon is a 195.nine-inch-lengthy sedan that Toyota says weighs in at between 3560 to 3715 pounds, relying on trim. It’s a safe guess that 0-to-60-mph instances will fall within the six-2nd range, but come on, this isn’t a system for trying out physical limits. 

Toyota 2019 Avalon Review, Specs, Price

Toyota might also have committed itself to producing a greater overall performance-ahead photo for the Avalon with this generation, however its man or woman is still comfort first.

That indicates up inside the chassis tuning as properly. The the front suspension is, no wonder, a pair of struts, at the same time as the rear rides on a multilink suspension conceptually just like that used on different cars on the TNGA platform. point this liner’s prow into a corner and it gained’t do something goony, however it’s no longer pleased to be challenged, both. The cornering limits are modest. The touring version capabilities an Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) gadget that can prove to be more pleasing.

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