Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

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Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

A nomadic primary Asian tribe acknowledged for its Persian rugs. And one of Britain's exceptional-promoting automobiles. The Nissan Qashqai is a small SUV (properly, crossover) that we can probably blame for all the small SUVs. when it launched to quizzical appears over a decade ago, nobody may want to have predicted simply what a number of rivals and imitators would comply with it. If only we may want to have warned all and sundry…

while the Qashqai led the genre it created for a long time, now the Seat Ateca, Mazda CX-five and Peugeot 3008 – to name however three – have overtaken it. All-new variations of every had been released since the second-era Qashqai arrived in 2013 so that you could ensure it stays competitive, Nissan’s given its breadwinner some other upgrade. Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

After 2017’s refresh which delivered extra dramatic styling and a posher interior (whole with the new, unnecessarily flat-bottomed steering wheel) and the addition of ProPilot self-driving tech, there’s a in addition update bringing an all-new media device, with right phone hyperlink-up on all however the access degree Qashqai Visia, and new engines.

Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

The large news worries petrol, with the old 1.2 and 1.6 turbos replaced by a couple of one.three-litre 4-cylinder turbos. which could sound piffling in a car this size, however with outputs of both 138bhp or 158bhp, they ought to off more than enough. And for extra cred, this 1.three additionally appears in the Mercedes A-elegance.

The higher-powered model is also the primary Qashqai to include the choice of a twin-snatch automatic gearbox, making it the first DCT Nissan out of doors of the GT-R. in case you want to live diesel, you could; a 114bhp 1.5-liter DCI is the going for walks price champion, dipping as low as 100g/km of CO2, while in 2019 there’ll be a 148bhp 1.7-liter if you’d choose a piece extra performance, and that’ll the only Qashqai to provide all-wheel drive. The rest are front-driven.

Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

One final component to note is that the Qashqai is made in top-notch Britain, at Nissan’s Sunderland plant, which has continually been the biggest manufacturer of motors on our shorelines. So at the same time as more energizing crossovers may be more modern and shinier, it’s smooth to make a case for buying nearby, especially as doing so takes a huge slice off the car’s lifestyles-cycle emissions, too.

Nissan reckons greater than half of Qashqais sold will now have that 1.three-liter petrol, an in addition nail inside the coffin of diesel. It’s a robust engine, too, making a long way lighter work of pulling an SUV around than the antique 1.2, whilst being uncommonly refined, too. unless you work it hard – we speak nicely beyond four,000rpm – it just murmurs away within the heritage. It’s so hushed on a highway cruise which you’ll turn out to be tuning into the wind noise blustering across the mirrors.

It’s easy going, too, with an awful lot of its torque fine and coffee down, the Qashqai’s pretty convenient to accelerate in and you needn’t alternate down tools to overhaul on the dual carriageway. ‘handy’ rarely manner ‘thrilling’, and hence this isn’t an overall performance vehicle, but it’s more than sprightly sufficient while you find yourself inside the automobile through your self and able to push on a chunk. The 138bhp tune has ample performance, and in case you hardly ever journey with an automobile-full, it’ll be more than enough.

Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

The blessings of going for the 158bhp version are a further 200kg of sporting potential (it’ll tow 1.five tonnes) and the choice of that dual-grasp car. It’s no longer as snappy as a GT-R’s transmission – evidently – however, it’s clean enough. It needs a firm prod of throttle to kick down, and there aren't any manual paddle shifters, so it’s absolutely now not for everybody who once in a while enjoys going quick. however Nissan reckons forty-five consistent with a cent of British crossover consumers go auto, and that is a far nicer solution than the clunky CVTs of a few rivals (and older Qashqai).

Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

We’re but to power the 1.7-liter diesel, however, that’ll come with a CVT as a choice, in addition to 4-wheel drive. but it doesn’t have a tough job on its arms, replacing a 1.6 diesel that turned into in no way especially inspiring. Given you’d purchase diesel to save money, the smaller 1.5 would possibly nonetheless be the one to have.

Engines out the manner, how does it manage? well, it’s genuinely exceptionally game. If it wasn’t so top-heavy you could almost name it fun, with masses of grip and suitable balance. The Qashqai isn’t as enjoyable to force as a Seat Ateca or Mazda CX-5, however, it’s without extreme flaw and those quiet engines and a few secure ride first-rate make sure it’ll be a smooth place to spend time.

Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

no longer least in case, you spend a few hundred quid more on ProPilot, a combination of lane-hold help and energetic cruise control that lets in the Qashqai to effectively drive itself at the highway. Such systems aren’t unique in recent times, however, the Qashqai is one of the most own family-pleasant motors to offer such a facility, and it’s all wrapped up in a single button press.

If we’re sincere, the Qashqai’s interior layout hasn’t pretty kept pace with the exterior and engines; along with a CX-five, Ateca or – in particular – a 3008, it feels a piece old tech. It’s laid out nicely sufficient, but these style movements fast, and the Qashqai’s simply now not pretty at the button anymore.

again at the 2017 update, we complained the infotainment device, even though feature-rich, wasn’t as pretty or fluid to apply as competitors’ structures. the new ‘Nissan join’ system is… now not a huge amount special. There’s extra adjustability in its design so you can play about with it like your telephone’s home screen, but the largest bounce for its 2018 improve is the capacity to bypass Nissan’s layout entirely and use Apple CarPlay or Android vehicle. do that and you’ll have a miles clearer, more intuitive way of gambling tune or using sat nav. Chevrolet 2019 Silverado 3500HD Review

As for the quantity of space on offer, it’s no distinction to the outgoing car. meaning 430 liters of boot area seats up, 1,598 liters seats down, and a smart set of cabinets and dividers within the boot that can be configured via 18 exceptional diversifications, depending at the sort of shipment you’re carrying. Rear-seat knee and headroom are adequate for adults. It feels especially spacious in case you cross for the panoramic roof, which doesn’t open, however, there’s an electrically powered blind that’ll preserve the kids amused for hours. All advised, it’s huge, comfortable and clean to look out of – ticking off most shoppers’ priorities – but quick on drama and modern-day tech in comparison to some of its myriad opponents. Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

Nissan 2019 Qashqai Review, Specs, Price

traditionally, Qashqai consumers generally tend towards the better trim ranges, so Nissan’s delivered a brand new range-topper that desires for not anything. It’s known as the Tekna+ and its potent highly-priced (almost £29k with the 1.five-liter diesel), but you get fancy leather-based, lumbar guide, and the Bose stereo gratuity. however, we’d probably stay with a lesser trim – mid-variety N-Connecta is what most will choose, and it’ll do us just exceptional, thank you.

As for engines, we’d go along with the majority there too and have the brand new 1.three-liter petrol. Get the lesser 138bhp version in case you don’t often journey four-up and full of baggage, however, with same CO2 and mpg figures, the 158bhp model isn’t a hard promote if you want a chunk more overall performance (zero-62mph takes 1.6secs less, at eight.9secs). Ford 2019 Focus ST review

in the meantime, all of the diverse safety systems suggest the Qashqai is a reassuringly enjoyable thing to drive, even doing some of the driving itself in case you shell out on ProPilot. some structures do emit hectic beeps that once a while you’ll just ignore, thoughts until you turn them off altogether. though they’re well worth having, and most (if not all) are fashionable on N-Connecta up.

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