2019 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS53 4Mmatic Review, Specs, Price

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2019 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS53 4Mmatic Review, Specs, Price

the primary Mercedes-Benz CLS turned into a phase-defining automobile while it debuted in 2004, stamping the "4-door coupe" term into the car lexicon whether people favored it or now not. not like something else before it, it becomes a current automobile that changed the direction of automotive design. in the years on the grounds that, scores of in addition rakish four-doors have emerged, with even mainstream motors just like the Honda Accord boasting "coupe-like" rooflines. This present day, 0.33-technology CLS is prettier than the previous model, however, it is also much less distinct than the rest of the Mercedes lineup and lacks the styling verve that the original car had.

The only AMG-tuned model, the CLS53, turns matters up a notch. (Mercedes is not any stranger to model overlap, and this is in part to go away room for AMG's different high-performance mid-length sedans, the E-elegance and the AMG GT 4-Door, each of which is available six-cylinder fifty-three and V-8–powered sixty-three fashions.) The CLS53 receives its very own dual-bar grille, barely exclusive the front air intakes, four round exhaust recommendations in an extraordinary rear bumper design, and a lip spoiler on the trunk lid. The split five-spoke wheels have a phantasm of a dished lip and spark off the stance of the automobile, as does the subtly diminished suspension. as compared to the AMG Line bodywork to be had at the Benz-branded CLS450, the differences aren't principal, but they are sufficient to make the AMG model feel that little bit extra unique.

2019 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS53 4Mmatic Review, Specs, Price

The CLS53 shares its mechanicals and chassis with the entry-level AMG version of the E-elegance, the E53. that means a turbocharged and electrically supercharged 3.zero-liter inline-six with a forty eight-volt hybrid-assist gadget called EQ improve, a 9-velocity automatic transmission, and all-wheel force. (The non-AMG CLS450 makes use of the equal powertrain sans the supercharger, and the bottom automobile is a rear-wheel force, 4Matic is non-obligatory.) just like the E53 models, the CLS53 makes a strong 429 horsepower and 384 lb-toes of torque, with EQ increase adding up to 21 horsepower and 184 lb-toes. The engine is characterful and eager to rev, and the 9-pace promises short upshifts and enjoyable downshifts. And whilst ready with the $1250 AMG performance exhaust, a have the to-have option, the CLS53 emits fantastic pops and bangs that do not sound synthetic.

We recorded a zero-to-60-mph time of 4.0 seconds and a quarter-mile pass of 12.five seconds at 111 mph, every a mere 0.1 2d quicker than the 130-pound heavier E53 coupe we examined formerly. The CLS53's 0.ninety four-g skidpad figure and 162-foot 70-mph-to-0 braking distance have been also marginally higher than the ones of the E53 coupe, which wore the equal Pirelli P 0 PZ4 performance run-flat tires. Impressively, the CLS53 lower back 30 mpg on our 75-mph highway fuel-economy check, three mpg higher than its EPA estimate.

2019 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS53 4Mmatic Review, Specs, Price

The AMG's rear-biased all-wheel-pressure gadget affords sure-footed traction at the same time as taking into account a few playfulness, mainly with the stableness manage in its sport mode, and the staggered Pirellis in no way make a peep beneath hard cornering. The electrically assisted steerage is direct without being overly brief and passes alongside a stunning amount of sense and feedback. however, the CLS53 also feels let down by means of its chassis, that could get unduly unsettled around off-camber corners or over rougher pavement. despite the adaptive air springs of their softest comfort setting, trip best is brittle and choppier than we'd select in an in any other case steeply-priced sport sedan. The CLS's shape absolutely does not feel as if it has the vaultlike solidity of the E-magnificence's chassis; even the smallest bumps are felt and heard as shudders all through the indoors.

On smoother roads, the CLS53 is a top-notch cruiser, residing as much as AMG's reputation of creating autobahn-storming automobiles that experience almost muscle-vehicle-like. there is almost zero lag inside the powertrain while you stomp on the accelerator—way to the electric supercharger for the zero.7-2nd the distinction among the CLS53's zero-to-60-mph and five-to-60-mph times as opposed to the zero.9-2d hole in the CLS450—and the CLS feels composed and strong at pace. The indoors is a regular modern Mercedes with a sweeping dashboard, two massive screens, and devices galore. The glitzy detailing and ambient lighting can appearance a chunk tacky at night, however, set off the elective seat massagers and paintings the inline-six, and you may neglect all approximately it.

2019 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS53 4Mmatic Review, Specs, Price

Our take a look at automobile featured the edition 1 package deal, which is handiest available for the CLS53's first model yr. Its $21,855 charge is in part justified by using model-specific Graphite grey metallic paint, a black leather-based indoors with copper sewing, 20-inch matte-black wheels, carbon-fiber indoors trim with copper threading and an IWC clock in the dashboard. it all looks tremendous, but it brings little development over some of the CLS53's fashionable color and trims alternatives. Version 1 also comes with a ton of features that are in any other case elective including the motive force help and warmth & consolation applications. Of the 1/2-dozen final stand-on my own options, our CLS53 only had the $1100 Acoustic consolation package deal. All in, our example price a steep $103,850, but it's possible to maintain the CLS53 underneath $90K with a few self-restraint. Chevrolet 2020 Silverado Review

2019 Mercedes Benz AMG CLS53 4Mmatic Review, Specs, Price

when pitted against AMG's E-class services with the identical powertrain, the CLS53 is a difficult sell. The E53 sedan starts off evolved at $7350 less than the CLS53, rides significantly higher, and is just as interesting to power. but then, the CLS has usually been approximately its looks extra than whatever else. If it sufficiently pulls your strings extra than its conventional sibling does, AMG's CLS53 is the 4-door to get. however then, there's also that E53 coupe accessible with handiest doors, eliminating any doubt about its project.

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