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Rimac Concept One Dashboard - Carshighlight.com

The world's first electric-powered supercar? If anything can stake a declare to this accolade, it's the Rimac Automobili idea One. Based on the outskirts of Zagreb in Croatia and managed through founder Mate Rimac, his eponymous business enterprise is not exactly a household call yet, and its vehicle - the concept One - is restricted to just eight examples. But Rimac is greater than just a supercar producer. Backstage it's been quietly establishing itself as a provider of electric drivetrains, running closely with fundamental car manufacturers. It additionally applies its expertise to the whole lot from motorcycles to boats. It is this strong emblem-building which has enabled Rimac to build the concept One.

This automobile is owned via Paul Runge, an electric car fan and retinal surgeon based totally in Florida, who's disarmingly at ease approximately us taking his vehicle out for a spin. If I’d just sold a £1m supercar, I’d be preserving a good maintain on the keys. I’ve heard lots approximately the concept One, maximum substantially its zero-62mph time of a bushy 2.5sec. That’s quicker than a McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari.

Rimac Concept One Dashboard - Carshighlight.com

Rimac Concept One Review

Still, regardless of the figures, it’s easy to be skeptical of those fairly unknown electric-powered supercar manufacturers popping out of the woodwork (assume Vanda Dendrobium, Nio EP9), with lots of raucous claims on a performance that surpass the installed manufacturers. This very automobile took a long term to come to fruition; it became first visible in 2011 on the Frankfurt motor display. However, it’s additionally an exciting time, because often these are the businesses which might be pushing the boundaries of what can be performed with electric-powered cars, now not confined by charge or selling to the loads like so many mainstream vehicle makers.

Before getting in the car, leader working officer Monika Mikac instructed me approximately how Rimac constructed its own infotainment machine – not due to the fact the business enterprise desired to however as it was given quoted a massive €20m for getting a gadget from a supplier – and how marvelous it's miles. My preliminary thought was: remarkable, impressive. There’s masses of first-rate infotainment structures available and plenty of mediocre ones; this will healthy into one of those categories. I used to be incorrect. Everything you could think of is accessible through this Rimac touchscreen. Select your torque distribution between the front and rear? Yes. 

Rimac Concept One Dashboard - Carshighlight.com

Overlay graphs on power, motor pace and torque from a time frame? You can. Boost your suspension for a speed bump? Positive. You get the concept. It’s damn incredible. So, let’s get to the coolest bit. We’re on a private estate close to Monterey, California, which gives Zrncevic the proper excuse to show me pretty what this beast is able to.

The steering is heavy in its default mode – there's a lighter setting – but it’s fearsome and direct with an instantaneous, slack-unfastened fee of response on the front axle. There’s tension to the journey best that works just excellent on smoother roads, but on rougher sections, the automobile does feel busy and unsettled.

Rimac Concept One Engine

Rimac Concept One Dashboard - Carshighlight.com

With 250lb ft of torque being deployed via every the front wheel the car has a addiction of dragging itself throughout the street, too, however simplest on bumpier sections does it ever grow to be an infection.

One among the automobile’s important dynamic weaknesses pertains to its braking system – or extra correctly, its 3 braking structures. The primary is the kinetic electricity recuperation, which slows the auto notably whilst you lift off the throttle so you can ‘one pedal pressure’ round metropolis. The second system is the regenerative braking, which inverts the motors whilst you stand on the brake pedal to recharge the batteries, and the 0.33 is the conventional brake system, which uses carbon ceramic discs and 6-piston calipers.

The kinetic electricity recuperation machine may be grew to become proper down, that is beneficial as it has a tendency to disrupt your rhythm on a short run. The bigger problem, although, is that marrying all 3 braking structures collectively to provide a modern, feelsome and predictable brake pedal is close to impossible. As a result the idea One can be a complicated automobile to have faith in when braking for a nook.

Rimac Concept One Dashboard - Carshighlight.com

Rimac Concept One Performance

Underneath acceleration, but, the concept One is remarkable. With a lot torque to be had straight away it pulls phenomenally hard, with out hesitation, and it honestly hurries up with extra pressure the longer you preserve your foot in.

After which there’s the torque vectoring. The digital terrific brain diverts greater torque to the outside wheels than the inner wheels inside the way into a nook, and in reality applies negative torque – effectively a braking enter – to the internal rear. This pivots the car into the nook and makes it feel particularly agile.

The pc then favours the out of doors rear wheel for maximum power out of the corner. The idea One feels fantastically fantastic far from corners without a hint of beneath or oversteer, even in case you observe complete throttle much in advance than you believe you studied have to be viable. That offers the car dazzling pace on the road.

The electrical concept One is a 1224bhp vehicle with a blended torque discern of 1180lb ft. It has 4 motors, one on each wheel, making it four-wheel drive. The powertrain additionally permits all-wheel torque vectoring, with each wheel able to boost up or slow down one hundred instances in keeping with 2nd – that’s something else you may witness on the infotainment gadget.

Rimac Concept One Dashboard - Carshighlight.com

Rimac Concept One Battery

The claimed zero-62mph time is two.6sec. We get out into a reasonably directly piece of open avenue and Zrncevic puts his foot down. As with any electric vehicles, torque is immediate, that is why these powertrains are so perfect for supercars. However this is so fast and so unnervingly quiet, it takes my breath away. And that wasn’t quite from a standing begin, so it may move even quicker yet.

We don’t get tons of a threat to chuck it around corners on our quick run, not least because I’m sure Zrncevic is under strict commands to preserve Runge’s automobile safe, but the smart torque vectoring system leaves it in precise stead for promising coping with. I ask Zrncevic what the benefits are of this over your common Porsche or Bugatti. As well as gazing that the torque vectoring system is like no other, he sums it up with this: “We benchmarked this automobile in opposition to the 918 Spyder, the Veyron and the LaFerrari. That is manner quicker.”

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