2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 SUV Review

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2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 SUV Review

Mercedes-Benz renamed its crossover line some years again, the principle became that it better aligned those high-riders with the automaker's conventional motors. The GLK morphed into the GLC, the ML became the GLE, and the GL added the S-magnificence' S (brief for “special”) to its call. With those modifications in mind, it is reasonable to assume there is some courting in phrases of fine and poshness among the crossovers and their automobile-primarily based siblings.

But within the case of the Mercedes-Benz GLS-class, it by no means simply felt like an identical to the mythical S-class. Mercedes' flagship automobile changed into an immaculate, hewn-from-granite element with the quality materials and the nice era. The GLS felt shoddy, even though, without any of the S-magnificence' polish or poise in its using character.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 SUV Review

The GLS is big. However notwithstanding its sheer girth – 17.1 feet long with over 10 ft among the axles – Mercedes' designers have crafted a cohesive, fashionable layout that become absent inside the ultimate-era GLS. The strains are smooth and crisp, however it’s not overstyled. It's refined, however Mercedes doesn't try to disguise the GLS' size.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 SUV Review

The wide, gaping grille and rather derpy headlights emphasize the SUV's bigness, although the narrow hind lights look out of location in relation. Nonetheless, this is a broadly appealing vehicle, specifically in our tester's Mojave Silver paint. We are additionally thankful for the usual 21-inch wheels, instead of the to be had 23s. Sure, the larger alloys look flashy, however the journey isn’t as plush. And besides, there is not anything wrong with the 21-inch setup – those wheels are big enough that it isn't outwardly apparent that they may be the standardalloy.

Inside the cabin, the GLS adopts Mercedes' cutting-edge design philosophy: a notable honking slab atop inside the dashboard that houses dual 12.3-inch shows for the infotainment and gauge cluster. The GLS has some awesome touches that separate it from Mercedes' vehicles, even though. HVAC outlets flank the display, while 4 square vents sit down below the infotainment portion of the slab. Big, chonky handles at the middle console are natural relaxation points and serve as a reminder that the GLS simply has a few off-street expertise. Brown leather-based and actual wood and metal accents are the primary fabric highlights; every is, of course, perfectly accomplished. This is a gorgeous interior.

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 SUV Review

GLS is a large and delightful SUV, with assertive, stylish styling that is not overwhelming or overstated. It's miles 205 inches lengthy, eighty-four. Nine inches extensive (with mirrors) and 71.Eight inches tall, and weighs in at five,699 lbs. One way or the other, sporting 21-inch wheels and with at the least 7.Nine inches of floor clearance, it nevertheless manages to have an exceptional stance. Fit and finish are extraordinary, as expected on a luxurious automobile. My check vehicle wore a coat of optional ($720) Mojave Silver metallic paint, the car equivalent of a grey flannel suit, and projected an air of executive competence. 

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 SUV Review

Interior, the GLS cabin is like a taller version of the S-magnificence cabin. Drivers who decide upon a tall seating function and commanding outward view will love the GLS. The 1/3 row is without difficulty reachable, and in fact makes GLS an advanced passenger conveyance over S-class. With 17.Four cubic toes of luggage space at the back of the 1/3 row, it has almost as a great deal ability because the S-elegance’s 18.7 cubic-foot trunk. Fold down the second one row, and also you’ve unfolded forty two.7 – 48.7 cubic ft of room. If each 2nd and third rows are folded flat (which you can do with the rush of some buttons), 84.7 cubic feet of luxury goods can in shape inside the GLS. 

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 SUV Review

Luxury is a given in a Mercedes-Benz, and so is technology. GLS is loaded with it, from the ridiculous to the elegant. On the ridiculous facet is a brand new vehicle Wash mode, which can be induced to automatically fold in the side mirrors, near the home windows and solar roof, activate the ahead-going through digicam, and disengage all-wheel pressure. If you’ve invested $100,000 for your GLS, I guess you’ll need to maintain it clean. On the elegant facet, a widescreen virtual device cluster and widescreen infotainment show, together with non-obligatory ($1,a hundred) head-up show offer clear, uncluttered records to the driving force at all times. Mercedes-Benz’s interface has improved through the years, and is now intuitive and simple to navigate, responding to swiping gestures familiar to tablet and phone operators. 

The usual Burmester surround Sound machine is nothing brief of astounding. The leather seating is firm and relaxed, with standard rubdown, air flow and heating for driving force and the front passenger, optional ($four,400) govt Rear Seat bundle Plus adding warmth and air flow to the second one row. My test car additionally had the Energizing package Plus ($2,a hundred), which gilds the lily with active Multicontour the front seats and Air-balance with fragrance – so that you can add particularly curated scents for your interior. 

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 SUV Review

It would be easy to spend all day listing functions on the GLS 580, none of which could count if it weren’t for the beast of an engine that lurks beneath its hood. A 4.0-liter dual-turbocharged V8 pumps 483 hp and 516 lb-feet of torque right into a 9-velocity automated transmission and all-wheel force (4MATIC). Mercedes estimates zero-60 mph times at 5.2 seconds, which is masses brief for a vehicle, and downright staggering for a five,seven hundred-lb SUV. What’s even extra remarkable is the way that the GL handles and steers. 

Air suspension is preferred, and my check car got here with $6,500 E-lively frame control, which could actively modify manage spring and damping forces at every wheel or even lean the automobile into bends like a bike (subtly, of route). A stereo digital camera is employed to experiment the road surface beforehand, so the suspension may be pre-loaded to atone for bumps and dips. The result is a smooth experience, even over the winter-ravaged Michigan roadways that I needed to contend with for the duration of my take a look at period.

Make no mistake, that is a high cease, luxurious conveyance with a big rate tag. GLS 580 starts at $ninety eight,800, and my take a look at car became loaded with options, taking it to an as-tested price of $119,950. Examine it to the BMW X7, Cadillac Escalade, Audi Q8, Lincoln Navigator, Lexus LX, and Volvo XC90. Until the Mercedes-Maybach GLS extremely-luxury SUV arrives for 2021, I think we’ve seen the height of gas-most effective luxurious SUVs inside the 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 4MATIC. 

2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 580 SUV Review

The GLS 580 sits inside the middle of the broader GLS hierarchy. At the lowest, there is the GLS 450 with its turbocharged 3.0-liter immediately-six model and modern EQ improve slight-hybrid device. At the pinnacle, there is the GLS 63, a enormous SUV that takes a dual-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 and matches it with the aforementioned moderate-hybrid device. As for the GLS 580, it also has the V8 engine, included starter-generator, and forty eight-volt electric structure similar to what you’d locate at the 63, however with a chunk less than the 603 hp of the AMG-badged version.

It is just nice, even though, due to the fact there is nevertheless 483 horsepower and 516 pound-toes of torque, figures that hurl this 5,700-pound SUV to 60 miles in line with hour in just 5.2 seconds. It is a strong engine, with spectacular low-cease torque and a silky character from one cease of the tach to the opposite. In reality, the 580's engine is so precise we might argue it is the candy spot in the GLS lineup – no person desires the GLS sixty three (as we've included), however the 450's 5.9-2nd dash to 60 might be a bit too leisurely for the wealthy purchasers Mercedes goals.

No matter which engine you pick, the GLS features a clever 9-velocity automated. It's short and seamless in normal operation, responding willingly to throttle inputs and engaging simply off the line. No matter its mass, the GLS is also an outstanding handler. Our tester capabilities one of the need to-have options on any Mercedes product that offers it: E-active body manipulate. Jogging off the 48-volt structure, E-ABC constantly adjusts the suspension at each nook, independently, to remove street imperfections. At the equal time, it absolutely removes frame roll via a Curve driving mode, which counteracts frame motions by means of subtly leaning the GLS into corners for sharper, more unique cornering. It's not reasonably-priced, at $6,500, however as geared up, that is one of the maximum agile motors in the elegance. Now, if handiest agility mattered to 3-row luxury SUV consumers.

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