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Audi A6 2017 - This is Audi's response to the BMW 5-Series and Jaguar XF. A couple of years back it was given a facelift so minor you'd be unable to see the distinction. Think new headlights, grille, ledges, back lights and fumes, and additionally trim and some acoustic coating for the windows. Underneath anyway, it's pretty much the same A6, and all things considered holds that auto's subtleties: general it's great, dependable, slashed from rock and astonishingly downplayed. The ideal method of transport for professional killers, especially the Bentley V8-engined S6. Has 444bhp ever looked this discrete? 
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As said, you won't be overpowered by its radiance. For the last facelift Audi jettisoned the eight-speed CVT slushboxes in all FWD A6s and supplanted them with the seven-speed DSG (much better), and changed the auto stop/begin to squeeze out better eco details. 
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Be that as it may, else it's the same old thing. The directing is snappy yet inactive and in the larger part of autos sold in the UK (FWD), you're taking a gander at some understeer when points of confinement are breeched. Avoid the bushy end, nonetheless, and spec it right, and the A6 is quite agreeable to do huge miles in. It's decent to have the security of Quattro working out of sight as well. 

The passage level 2.0-liter diesel is a good motor (particularly in redesigned, smoother ultra appearance), yet we'd encourage you to go for the BiTDI V6, or to be sure the Bentley-engined S6, which has 444bhp and will hit 60mph in 4.4secs. That auto is an appropriate sleeper 
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As ever, it's so mind blowing in its format and unbending nature you think about how the world made due some time recently. It's straightforward however the ergonomics are great, and the dash has been moved up to incorporate cool things like legitimate point by point mapping between the dials. Everything tumbles to hand, the MMI is natural and simple to utilize, the seats are extraordinary, there's respectable space (the back lodge is immense) and in general the fit and complete is totally wonderful. Still comfortable top of the class, it's a genuine treat to be in and use. 
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You shouldn't have any stresses with an A6. Not just has it got the might of Audi's R&D behind it, however every one of the motors and transmissions are well-demonstrated in heaps of other VW Group autos. With each passing year they appear to get more productive. What's more, it appears you parcel love them as well: Audi offers more than both Mercedes and BMW in the official fragment. Simply recall to spec the air suspension when you get one on the organization auto plan. The bookkeeper won't get it, however you will.

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