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BAC Mono 2017 - It's the world's exclusive single-seater street auto: a no-rooftop, no-windscreen, trackday uncommon from Cheshire-based Briggs Automotive Company. It's as viable as a couple of lead water wings, however it's a standout amongst the most amusing autos ever fabricated. 
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The Mono is an amazingly brisk machine: because of a kerbweight of only 540kg and a 2.3-liter Cosworth motor creating 280bhp, it'll dispatch the 0–62mph sprint in less than three seconds and continue running the distance to 170mph. 

However, more than the inside and out increasing speed, it's the stupendous, massless way the Mono alters course that truly separates it. Lying on your back with the motor behind your head and the six-speed successive transmission shooting through gearchanges like a rifle, it turns into a demonstration of impulse to string the Mono through corners – yet one requiring a recalibration of your mind to manage its material science twisting capacity. At the very furthest reaches of grasp, there's an insight of understeer, however generally, the BAC is flavorfully nonpartisan, making it simple to investigate as far as possible without trepidation it'll store you in the Armco. Be that as it may, notwithstanding its mind boggling execution, the Mono in some way or another figures out how to be humanized around town at typical paces. A long way from transforming your lower vertebrae into sniffling powder, it rides gloriously, that open-wheel suspension plan giving 100mm of vertical wheel travel and permitting the Mono to verbalize over the nastiest street knocks. 
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There isn't quite a bit of an inside to the Mono, yet what little there is has been flawlessly executed. Disregard your conventional blasted together-frombits-of-old-clothes washer British lightweight extraordinary: this is a top-grade bit of car outline, each part, weld and join completed with great tender loving care. 
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The softened cowhide style lodge coating is impervious to pee and human dung, which is valuable to know. Not at all like most Brit lightweights, there's really room in the footwell for both your feet, and enough space in the front boot for a head protector and, erm, a waterproof shell. Which you'll need, in light of the fact that in case of a rainstorm you have two options: beat the mists, or get wet. 
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Alright, £150,000 is a preposterous cost for an auto that obliges you to strap your cherished one to the move band in case you're arranging a weekend away. Be that as it may, who purchases a solitary seater open cockpit racer for down to earth reasons? In spite of the fact that it's too soon to know without a doubt, we're hopeful that the Mono ought to demonstrate a nice possession prospect, in any event in contrast with the supercars it's equipped for humiliating around a track or out and about: its motor and gearbox are attempted and tried, its efficiency is sensible. Also, to be honest, once you've punted it around a circuit, you won't care at about its lingering values.

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