Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

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Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

Take one look at the RS3, from its massive front air intakes to the huge tailpipes, and also you understand it’s ready to rock. With a 400-hp turbocharged 2.five-liter five-cylinder under the hood, this 10Best automobiles winner has the muscle to returned up its menacing appearance. A seven-pace dual-grasp automatic routes torque to all 4 wheels; in our testing, the RS3 hit 60 mph in three. five seconds. It boasts a redline of 6900 rpm, and the rip of its unique exhaust be aware sounds first-rate the complete manner there. Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

the hot vehicles created by means of Audi’s performance department (previously known as Quattro GmbH, now known as Audi game) frequently have been as costly as they are amazing. Witness the $55,450 2017 RS3 sedan, the access factor to Ingolstadt’s go-speedy inner circle. using an arsenal of managing hardware and a stonking inline-five engine, it's miles one of the boldest—and priciest—small vehicles available on the market. even though Audi didn’t sell previous versions of this little all-wheel-pressure warm rod within u.s.a., the latest RS3’s feisty goodness atones for both the wait and its asking rate.

We’ve already defined the RS3, which debuted as an overdue-2017 model, after using it in Oman, and we can now report that its greater wallop over Audi’s already capable S3 sedan translates simply as nicely to our Midwestern environs.

Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

The RS3’s mechanicals and MQB platform are in large part shared with the $ sixty-five,875 Audi TT RS, along with the thrilling, four hundred-hp turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder. The kicker for meting out kind of $11K extra than for a 292-hp four-cylinder S3, the 5 is revised and now functions an aluminum block (as opposed to the preceding version’s solid iron piece) and each port and direct gasoline injection. The upshot is that the engine is extra powerful and 57 pounds lighter than earlier than, getting rid of essential weight from the automobile’s nostril for the front-to-rear weight bias of fifty seven.7/42.3 percentage. placed your foot down and there’s a short pause before the transversely orientated engine’s honking turbocharger spools up a most of 19.8 psi of boost, assisting to supply 354 lb-ft of torque at just 1700 rpm. The 5-pot then yowls excitedly to its 7000-rpm gasoline cutoff to churn out its full complement of 400 horsepower.

the same old seven-speed twin-grab computerized transmission fortifies the RS3’s flexibility on the street, being each result easily easy when cruising and glad to sharply rifle via the gears to hold the engine on boil whilst the auto is driven aggressively. And its distinctly powerful release-manage system makes the wee Audi a stoplight-racing champ: simply toggle the transmission and the stability-manage system to their sports modes, ground both pedals till the engine is preserving at approximately 3500 rpm, and launch the brake to catapult off the road as quickly as a few Porsche 911s. Audi doesn’t quote specific front-to-rear torque splits for the Quattro all-wheel-drive device, however, the quickness with which it shuttles electricity fore and aft makes the RS3 eminently controllable at its dealing with restriction.

in spite of a 277-pound weight penalty, this sedan sacrifices almost nothing to the TT RS Coupe in terms of raw overall performance: The RS3 is however 0.1 2nd slower to 60 mph (a blistering 3.five seconds) and covers the region-mile with in addition disorienting verve (11.9 at 117 mph). The numbers also make it 0.three and 0.4 2nd quicker (and four mph faster) than its number one rival—the Mercedes-AMG CLA45 sedan—and the area it properly beforehand of a BMW M2.

Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

Our 3547-pound instance’s respectable 0.ninety eight g of lateral grip across the skidpad become just a tick much less than the TT RS finished, and a solid 157-foot forestall from 70 mph trailed the coupe by way of only three ft. but, those figures fall quick of the 1.00-g and one hundred fifty-foot performances of the final CLA45 we tested and are even similarly at the back of the ones of the humbly priced Honda Civic type R hatchback.

The black oval cannons poking out of our test vehicle’s rear bumper got here with its sport exhaust device, that's a part of the $1450 Dynamic package that still consists of purple brake calipers and Pirelli P 0 PZ4 summer season overall performance tires on 19-inch wheels. At cruising speeds, the massive pipes assist to produce a deep, guttural thrum paying homage to the Audi R8’s certainly aspirated five.2-liter V-10. but open the taps and the inline-5 sings an unmistakable ordinary-cylinder warble at as much as 88 decibels, punctuated by using muffled snorts on difficult upshifts. Our pride in paying attention to the 2.5-liter’s melody ensured that our observed fuel economic system—19 mpg, identical to the EPA town estimate—turned into less than stellar. but stretching its legs on our 75-mph toll road test loop allowed the Audi to return 30 mpg, topping its EPA toll road determine by way of 2 mpg.

Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

All RS3s get hold of a lift inside the chassis branch through motive force-adjustable adaptive dampers and a 1.2-inch-wider front track as opposed to the rear, the latter necessitating slightly flared front fenders. automobiles with the non-obligatory Dynamic bundle similarly enhance grip by fitting wider 255/30R-19 front tires in place of 235/35R-19s that come popular at every corner. go complete hog with the $4800 Dynamic Plus bundle, as on our take a look at automobile, and a nonadjustable RS recreation suspension replaces the adaptive setup, the 14.6-inch front brake rotors switch from forged iron to carbon ceramic with grey eight-piston calipers (12.2-inch steel stoppers continue to be on the rear), and the electronically limited top pace jumps from a hundred and fifty-five to 174 mph.
The takeaway from all this fettling is one of the most entertaining Audis on the road. 

The RS3 can be particularly refined and steely cool in its luxury presentation, but its short and responsive helm, typical agility, and charismatic engine make it lots capable of goading its motive force into horrific conduct. at the same time as it has the securely planted feel we anticipate from a car sporting a Quattro badge, the RS3’s wider nose and additional cornering bite permit it rotates with enthusiasm and pulls off playful little slides while its digital watchdogs are dialed lower back. Chevrolet 2019 Silverado 3500HD Review

we'd in all likelihood keep the cash and pass at the firmer recreation suspension if we regularly traversed cratered roads like the ones in Michigan, that can make the car’s trip rather taut and uneven. however, even Audi’s absolutely starched setup is appreciably greater compliant than the ones from AMG or BMW. We’d additionally probable pick a humbler paint shade than our test automobile’s orangeish Catalunya red steel ($575), which negates the stealthiness of the RS3’s anabolic-jellybean shape in traffic. extra annoying become the low-speed squeaking of the optional carbon brakes, as well as an again seat that’s sure to elicit proceedings from person-length occupants. Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

The RS3’s cabin modifications little from the lesser S3 sedan’s, closing fantastically assembled, well prepared, and very excessive tech. precise standard enhancements encompass faux-suede inserts on the shift knob and the flat-bottom steerage wheel, aluminum trim inlays, and exquisite manually adjustable front game seats with warmers and leather upholstery. Updates for 2018 are minimal and consist of new choice applications: A $1400 driver assistance bundle capabilities adaptive cruise manage and lane-maintaining help; a $1300 Black Optic % provides black exterior trim in location of the same old aluminum-appearance pieces; and the $a thousand RS layout bundle dresses up the dark indoors with lots of crimson accents, evaluation stitching, and further USB outlets for the rear seat.

Our $66,775 instance also featured $600 in RS carbon-fiber interior trim plus the complete $3200 era package deal: Audi’s MMI Navigation Plus interface for the 7.0-inch important show, a configurable 12.three-inch digital Cockpit virtual tool cluster, blind-spot tracking with rear move-visitors alert (now trendy for 2018), and a premium Bang & Olufsen stereo with 14 audio system.

Audi 2019 RS3 Review, Specs, Price

along with its gutsy five-cylinder heart, the RS3’s extra refinement and trendy device justify its charge top class over AMG’s already dear $50,945 CLA45 sedan, which can grow even pricier than the Audi with alternatives. at the same time as the RS3’s $55K access rate may area it in direct competition with larger, more comfortable sports activities sedans, committed fanatics will apprehend it as Audi’s overall performance soul in a small, practical wrapper.

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