Renault 2019 Clio Review, Specs, Price


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yesterday, we puzzled why Renault had selected to show us all of the interiors of the brand new Clio supermini first. these days, we understand the answer. right here’s the out of doors of the brand new Renault Clio! It’s, erm, well, it’s pretty just like the vintage Clio, clearly.

nothing incorrect with that, says Renault, because the closing Clio became the first-rate-promoting vehicle in its hotly-fought sector in all of Europe. The likes of the Ford Fiesta and VW Polo aren’t as popular, accept as true with it or now not – and its income went up as the auto got older. Renault 2019 Clio Review, Specs, Price

So, we’ll deal with the looks right here, because you’ve already seen the cabin whole with its nine.3-inch touchscreen, digital driving force show and VW-style complete-width vents. - Renault 2019 Clio Review,

the brand new Clio’s 14mm shorter and 30mm decrease than earlier than, however that logo-spanking new chassis foundation unlocks greater area inner. you could daub its frame in ten special shades (but now not on one automobile). All-LED headlights are fashionable throughout the variety. slicing aerodynamic friction has additionally been a priority – Renault’s introduced wind deflectors to the front wheel arches to limit efficiency-sapping drag.

Renault 2019 Clio Review, Specs, Price

based on an all-new platform, the new Clio doesn’t share a single component with the old one, in spite of looking pretty plenty the same, only a chunk tidier, and offering C-formed lighting just like the Megane. Renault is also making large claims for the ‘firsts’ that’ll be carried out through this Clio. This humble supermini may be the first mainstream Renault to get an ‘E-tech’ hybridized engine as part of a push to provide 12 electrified models with the aid of 2022.

Renault 2019 Clio Review, Specs, Price

meanwhile, it’ll also become one in all 15 Renaults to characteristic independent riding tech – we’re promised the Clio will “be a pioneer in this respect with the aid of making the motive force assistance systems main to independent riding extensively to be had on a city automobile”. So, live tuned for lane-maintaining this and emergency-braking that.

preserving hopes of a warm hatch version alive is the ‘RS Line’ Clio – essentially a bodykitted model aiming to fight the Fiesta ST-line and VW Polo R-line. It provides new grilles, bumpers, and 17-inch wheels, plus aluminum pedals and carbon-effect trim internal. Renault 2019 Clio Review, Specs, Price

So the outside design is an evolution, but the indoors is in which we are able to make the most progress, so it’s a revolution. It’s the begin of our indoors layout revolution.”

The outside is a mature development of the Mk4. Renault’s distinguished ‘face’ stays, albeit with complete LED headlights that are widespread throughout the range. The bonnet is a complicated urgent, incorporating a primary ‘rib’ that runs up from the badge, but the side surfacing is less fussy, with a subtle ‘gill’ that blends into a pair of creases walking lower back from the front wheel arch.

Renault 2019 Clio Review, Specs, Price

The rear door handles stay included into the C-pillars, in an try to give the 5-door-best Clio the appearance of a three-door. at the rear, meanwhile, the Mk4’s distinguished shoulders are more smartly incorporated, and there’s a sharper crease at the hatchback panel.

Renault 2019 Clio Review, Specs, Price

The Clio has what Van den Acker calls a “greater athletic, sporty indoors” which ought to experience more spacious and airy, regardless of the fact that the Mk5 Clio is round a centimeter shorter than the vehicle it replaces. This has been executed by means of trimming away millimeters from interior additives. “as an instance, we have a smaller steering wheel and a smaller guidance wheel column,” Van den Acker explained. “This enables to free up a chunk extra knee room for the driver.”

There’s a useful gain in boot size, too; the Clio receives a variable-peak ground so you can prioritize a low load lip or ability, however the space on offer degrees from 330 liters as much as 391 liters – figures ahead of many family hatchbacks from the magnificence above.

Renault 2019 Clio Review, Specs, Price

anticipate the main step up in best for the brand new version, with cushioned plastics in a number of key regions to offer the auto miles more top class feel. Renault is also probably to ramp up the personalization options, with much wider availability of leather upholstery across the variety. The dashboard, in fact, is divided into 3 wonderful areas: a padded higher panel, a lower segment incorporating the glovebox, and a center strip that is ripe for customization by consumers.

Renault 2020 Clio Review, Specs, Price

at the coronary heart of Clio’s front cabin is it is new infotainment gadget. There are in all likelihood to be a pair of various alternatives in this place, but the largest available show, which measures 9.three inches, is large by using supermini requirements. It’s angled in the direction of the driving force and is likewise barely curved. Chevrolet 2019 Silverado 3500HD Review

Renault’s newcomer additionally switches to a virtual instrument display, with both a seven-inch or 10-inch panel being offered. the bigger version is capable of showing navigation facts in between the digital dials. Ford 2019 F-150 Review

The Clio’s layout crew has retained traditional rotary controls for the air-conditioning and heating, but. They’re sited at the lowest of the crucial dashboard stack, beneath some neat ‘piano key’ buttons that operate the threat lighting and different features.

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