Audi A6 Allroad 2019

Audi A6 Allroad 2019

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Audi A6 Allroad 2019

The fourth-technology Audi A6 Allroad, now with ‘Quattro’ tagged onto its call. Doesn’t feel like it’s been round that lengthy, does it? But in fact, there’s been a jacked-up, USA-set model of Audi’s four-wheel pressure A6 wagon in the variety for as long as there’s been an RS6. That is an Audi stalwart, and we’ve continually been big fanatics. Audi A6 Allroad 2019

All that point, the components have remained the same, and yet because of the onslaught of ever more top rate SUVs – many of the Audi’s personal – the A6 Allroad is even extra fresh as ever. A roomy, comfortable property, four-wheel pressure, and a piece of extra ground clearance. Upload a few plastic cladding – more for the neighbors’ rubbernecking gain than harden tough capability – and the job’s a very good’ un. 

So true in truth, that Mercedes has shamelessly copied it with the E-elegance All-Terrain. Volvo has also become out a worth rival in the V90 cross USA As a result, each time we drive one of this stuff, we have a tendency to finish the equal element: the sector might be a higher region if all of us who concept they had been higher off in a Q7 or an X5 had an attack of the sensible and acquired this sort of as a substitute. This time, that’s tempered with a few uncommon missteps from Audi. Whoops.

Audi A6 Allroad 2019

In terms of what’s new, there’s plenty more that’s sparkling about the ‘A6’ side of this than the ‘Allroad’ bit, so check out our complete A6 evaluate for the whole breakdown of recent engines, hybridity, tech and so on. For the Allroad, Audi has delivered a not-very-elegant stepped grille that gives the car a curious underbite, and the usual matte plastic wheel arches that you may spec in body color but shouldn’t, because it appears naff. 

Audi A6 Allroad 2019

Under, the Allroad only uses Audi’s V6 turbodiesel engine, in one in all two tunes, so if you could make do with only 4 cylinders, you’ll be served through the A4 Allroad as a substitute. There’s no petrol choice in any respect, but like the rest of the A6 range, 48-volt slight hybrid tech is on board to supposedly speed up prevent-start operation and masks rapid lag – all to increase fuel financial system and reduce emissions. Like all moderate hybrids, you may plug this automobile in and rate it from a socket – the battery is juiced from waste power while you’re coasting on braking. So, in case you live on top of a hill, the primary mile of your commute every day will boost the economic system. Result.

Also preferred is adaptive air suspension, capable of raising or lowering the Allroad is a large number of modes. It’ll squat the car for loading or while you’re thundering down a dual carriageway, or eke out more floor clearance if venturing off the beaten music.

Audi A6 Allroad 2019

There are models: the usual game may be very well specced, but upgrading to the Vorsprung model provides candies like rear-wheel steerage, sportier seats and experience-hurting baddies like 21-inch wheels, which as a substitute hurt the Allroad’s stylish below-the-radar photograph. Because the A6 Allroad is diesel-simplest, and as it sells in smaller numbers than Audi’s hordes of SUVs, there’s a slight feeling that this automobile hasn’t had loads of funding lavished on it this time around. Some niggles, that threaten to spoil a likable package deal. 
The ride, for example. All roads come with air suspension as standard, so the automobile can hunker down lower whilst cruising – like an everyday A6 Avant – or jack itself as much as scramble out of the muddy festival vehicle park or rutted campsite. All very practical and useful. The problem is, even on the same old 19-inch wheels, the journey is a hint jarring over our roads. 

It’s actually happiest on motorways, wherein the automobile takes compressions professionally, but while you’re escaping the city or possibly on an unloved part of the network – and let’s face it, this element is meant to match a rural attitude – then the car actually isn’t absorbent sufficient. You experience the bumps as much as you hear them because the heavy wheels clatter throughout imperfections. As a result, it’s quality to go away the whole thing in comfort mode, as the car does loosen up exceptionally and the caveat of greater frame roll is well well worth it. 

Audi A6 Allroad 2019

The other trouble lurks in the powertrain. Audi resources the Allroad with diesel strength most effective, coming courtesy of a V6-turbodiesel engine with either 228bhp and 368lb feet or a meatier 282bhp and 453lb toes. In Audi’s nonsensical badging mayhem, the entry-degree car is badged ’ forty-five TDI’ and the gruntier one ’50 TDI’ No, neither can we.

Audi A6 Allroad 2019

Besides, because there are the simplest one engine and most effective electricity stages, Audi’s visible feel to only provide one gearbox. An open-gated dogleg manual. Hah, only kidding. It’s Audi’s 8-speed automatic. Which we’ve tended to prefer to Audi’s recent S-Tronic DCT efforts as it’s smoother. Right here, it isn’t. It hesitates and panics and hunts for gears, the modifications aren’t quick or easy enough and a hybrid-assisted engine with over 450lb toes of torque ends up feeling reedy and underpowered because the gearbox has an uncanny superpower to avoid the rich torque band and go away the engine both lagging or overrevving.

So, the typically subtle Audi V6 receives warm beneath the collar and intrusively boomy. Over time, you’ll learn how to pressure across the gearbox’s latency and no longer snag the kick down tripwire, but it’s now not as properly because it needs to be. Or as top because it was. Or, frankly, as proper as a Mercedes-E-elegance All-Terrain.

Audi A6 Allroad 2019

You’d have forgiven Audi for succumbing to advertising codswallop inside the Allroad and swathing it in outdoors. Rubber matting right here, a few XXL-knurled indicator stalks there, and possibly brown graphics for the digital Cockpit. Fortunately, none of that become allowed past the temper board. That is just an A6 Avant internal. 

You may test out our full A6 evaluation right here, but suffice it to mention that it is a completely enterprise-like cockpit. It’s all monitors, sharp creases and austere Germanic precision. You want a richer-feeling to enjoy? Get the Merc All-Terrain – it’s more baroque, greater dated perhaps, but a little homelier. Though for the full cabin-in-the-woods vibe, you’re still higher off in a Volvo XC90 go u. S .. Sitting in the Audi is like being trapped within the flat display television aisle in John Lewis. To some, the minimalism will reek of cool, to others it’ll experience standoffish and baffling.

Audi Tech Tutorial: Apple CarPlay USB Connection

Within the middle, there’s a very spacious middle row of seats, and beyond that, in the back of the electric tailgate, lies a 565-liter boot that’ll develop to one,680 liters with the rear seats folded down. As well as hooks and loops to lash down errant cargo and badly-behaved youngsters you get a bags internet and securing rails as popular. We were given 32mpg from the 50 TDI powertrain, against an official test cycle claim of 37.7mpg, and with the greater careful triggering of the narcoleptic gearbox, you’ll easily beat the combined parent in regular mileage. CO2 emissions on the nineteen-inch wheels are 153g/km, equating to a £530 tax invoice plus the £320 surcharge for purchasing a car costing in extra of £forty,000.

As Vorsprung models upload 21-inch wheels on the way to do the Allroad’s trip no favors in any respect, we’d stick with the same old game model, which starts at £52,985 in preference to £sixty nine,375. As general all fashions get LED matrix headlights, leather-based seats, cruise manipulate, front and rear parking sensors, electric the front seats and aluminum roof rails.

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