2020 Cupra Leon Review

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Carshighlight.com - 2020 Cupra Leon Review

It’s the most powerful avenue-going Seat ever, and the automobile that lives inside the sizeable shadow of the VW golf GTI and golf R. There are  body patterns (5 door hatch and the ST estate) with numerous special power outputs and transmissions – both 296bhp as preferred or 306bhp inside the ‘R’ 5-door hatch, with power exclusively to the the front wheels. The estate is simplest to be had with 296bhp, but comes with a desire of the front- or four-wheel pressure. 2020 Cupra Leon Review

At the very top of the tree is the Seat Leon Cupra ST R with 4 wheel drive and the option of an ABT engine chip that boost strength to 345bhp – it’s a automobile we completely advocate if you’re in the marketplace for a junior Audi RS6 (and don’t mind copper accents everywhere) however on the other hand it's far a £37,975 Seat.

Carshighlight.com - 2020 Cupra Leon Review

All versions use the VW organization’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol – the same one as in the golfing GTI – however Seat’s engineers have tweaked the enhance stress, altered the cylinder head and normally fiddled around below the bonnet to present all the greater strength. Expenses variety from £29,915 for a guide 296bhp 5dr hatch to nearly £38k for the ‘R’ wagon stated above. Rather exact value, however no longer quite the good buy we’d hoped for.

Loopy, isn’t it, that we live in an age whilst a 296bhp hatchback isn’t the height of lunacy… now not even close. What the Leon Cupra is, is an extremely brief, hugely capable Swiss navy knife of a car surrounded by a hot hatch expertise pool that’s never been deeper, or quicker or extra unhinged on the pinnacle cease. Dare I say it, the Leon Cupra is a secure desire for people who don’t need a golf but do need excitement… just now not an excessive amount of.

Carshighlight.com - 2020 Cupra Leon Review

2020 Cupra Leon Review

The Cupra is a great deal similar to the everyday Leon however with various nods to hot hatchery, which includes the flat-bottomed steerage wheel and Cupra badges. It’s a comfy area to be, particularly in case you choose the bucket seats. One complaint, although, is that the seats don’t go low sufficient – it feels like you’re sat on pinnacle of the automobile rather than in it. A minor dig, admittedly, however in a warm hatch you ought to feel such as you’re at the centre of the movement.

Extra downsides? The cupholders are too slim for a refillable water flask. I recognize this sounds petty, however in ninety five according to cent of stuff we drive it fits best… and those within the office will understand how connected a number of us are to our sippy cups. Additionally, Seat, dig out a 2013 Leon Cupra and plumb its infotainment back in. Forestall deleting all the buttons, the cabin looks a bit dated already and pretending it’s minimalist isn’t going to trade that.

Carshighlight.com - 2020 Cupra Leon Review

On a extra wonderful note, we’d propose the estate over the hatch all day. Why take delivery of something smaller, whilst for £1,000 extra you could have an actual warm-hatch with a bigger boot grafted at the back (587-litres vs 380-litres with the rear seats in location stat fans)? Estates look cooler, too, don’t you observed?

Good enough, even as we’re at it we’d move for the Cupra R ST, with the ABT improve, not because it’s the maximum high-priced, however as it’s a slightly-contained psychopath. In a great manner. The additional 50bhp doesn’t just add shove, it frees up the engine to fulfil its potential – it revs with extra power, selections up faster, sounds angrier. And because all this strength is deployed through a chassis familiar from the golfing R – one of the friendliest, most sure-footed but agile 4-wheel force set-americaeverywhere – you could install it on every occasion you fancy. Sodding wet, off-camber roundabout? Simply provide it the boot, it’ll stick.

2020 Cupra Leon Review

Carshighlight.com - 2020 Cupra Leon Review

A own family hatch with all that electricity isn’t slow. Zero-62mph times range from 5.Eight seconds to underneath 4.8 in the ABT superior ST, however it’s the way the energy builds that’s brilliant. There’s no sudden dump of torque, just a crescendo of faster increase that doesn’t allow up till you’re properly north of, ahem, legality. But the suitable issue is that the Cupra isn’t manic, it’s civilised and capable, and it’s simply as happy pottering as it's far blasting alongside.

The Dynamic Chassis control and mechanical the front diff assist. The former is a system for controlling the adjustable dampers and we could the driving force select numerous ranges of stiffness. The good thing is that in contrast to previous models, none are too difficult, so the Cupra manages the bi-polar warm hatch trick well. You don’t have to power this component flat out all of the time. However it responds well if you do.

Particularly the R fashions that get hold of more bad camber and retuned steering, bigger Brembo brakes and the option to specify sticky Michelin Cup tyres for £855. The suspension isn't any lower, but a brand new bodykit conceals the R’s marginally wider tracks and offers it a higher stance than fashionable. There’s additionally (too) an awful lot bronzing, and inner, Alcantara on the wheel and gearlever.

In consolation mode, as pliant and subdued as you’d ever need. The seats are comfy, there’s adaptive cruise control, the emblem’s latest infotainment system, a respectable stereo and masses of protection package.

Carshighlight.com - 2020 Cupra Leon Review

Subsequent up is recreation mode, which as modes cross is entirely useless. You’ll skip to Cupra, or set your personal and keep it to the character putting. In Cupra matters get less attackable, but even then it’s firm but not jarring. The guidance tightens up too, and the revised exhaust starts emitting infantile (yet satisfying and quite addictive) pops and cracks if you’re accelerating tough and go for another gear.

Even without optionally available sticky tyres the Cupra hangs on gamely even on damp roads. In which the front-wheel drive Cupras sense a hint frenetic whilst you positioned your foot down – they scrabble for traction and the wheel writhes on your fingers even inside the dry.

With claimed financial system figures starting from forty seven.9mpg and 158g/km to 39.8mpg and 164g/km, the Leon Cupra sits inside the centre of the new hatch discipline for every day jogging expenses – don’t count on a whole lot more than mid-30s mpg within the actual-global.

And you want to be careful how you spec the automobile, there’s plenty on the alternatives listing to tempt those pounds out of your pocket, just like the 19-inch wheels and rear spoiler. All versions come with LED headlights, and also include the aforementioned Dynamic Chassis control and the mechanical front diff – both vital elements of the Cupra’s repertoire.

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