2021 Hyundai Santafe Review, Specs, Price

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2021 Hyundai Santafe Review, Specs, Price

Hyundai's long-term offer in a strong SUV lineup is Santa Fe, which gets a significant refreshment for the year 2021. Outside, the biggest change is the grille that is brave, like a mask that is accented with the led driving lights installed with a gap. Inside, the new Santa Fe gets a classy classy console and updated drivers and the display of infotainment.

Under the skin is a more rigid and stronger structure updated for enhanced accident handling and safety. This structure is also supported to handle lithium-ion battery weight and related components for the first Hybrid Gas-Electric Santa Fe. In addition, Santa Fe gets two new gas machines and transmissions.

The top-of-the-the-the-the-line calligraphy model also made its debut this year, equipped with plated premium leather seat, 19 or 20 inch alloy wheels, Hyundai traction (HTRAC) all-wheel drive, Color head-up display, Faux-suede headliner, automatic window up / down, and 4-cylinder turbocharged 277-horsepower engine.

Updates and Increasing Santa Fe took 4-middle passengers for upper class SUVs one or two years, creating several distances between it and redesigned, at lower prices, but now the size of 2022 Hyundai Tucson.

Even though there are wider middle SUVs on the market, 2021 Santa Fe offers plenty of space for five passengers of their adults and cargo. The interior has a field feeling for it, with good outdoor visibility to the front and side. It's quiet too.

2021 Hyundai Santafe Review, Specs, Price

2021 Hyundai Santafe Review, Specs, Price

Especially in the new calligraphy trim, the span-topping, the Santa Fe cabin is well appointed with a soft chair, Nappa which is covered with leather and sewn, layered portions, and wrapped in soft touch surfaces on the instrument panel, console, and door trim, and doors. The bucket front is heated, ventilated, and customized lumbar offer balanced luxury comfort with good lateral thighs and lower body stem support.

Gripping the steering wheel that is heated and wrapped in skin, the driver interacts with the appearance of instrumentation that can be reconfigured 12.3 inches new which changes colors with different selected drive modes. When the driver activates the turning signal in Calligraphy Santa Fe, one of the two virtual analog gauges changes to display a direct display from the blind point on the SUV side that is in accordance with the intended action.

Soft, Ambient Lighting with 64 colors that can be selected highlighting parts of the door of calligraphy, instrument panel, and footwell. Sunroof Sunroof standard shower cabin in vitamin D, and climate control system is a type set-and-forgetting automatic double zone.

The new central console is installed above with the appearance and quality of the nuances of something from the Luxury Division of the Hyundai Genesis accommodating the electronic pushbutton transmission tooth selector. Curved consoles open up storage space for wallets or tablets in what will be the transmission tunnel in older design SUVs.

2021 Hyundai Santafe Review, Specs, Price

Elsewhere, there is a lot of storage at Glovebox, a closed cubby console, an open shelf above Glovebox, plus the side pocket. On the console, there is a vertical slot type telephone charger, a small tray closed to key fob, candy bar, USB port, and the like, and a pair of cup holders, unfortunately, will not accommodate large drink containers, or even squared-off bottles of tea 16 ounce pure leaves.

The back seat is divided 60/40, lying individually, and has a folding middle armrest with a cup holder. Hyundai rejected the temptation to conduct a small third row chair to Santa Fe (as it was done by Stablemate Kia with Sorento), instead of treating back seat passengers to the leading segment feet - more than what you would find in the Chevrolet Blazer, Honda Passport, Nissan Murano, and Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport.

Loading the cargo is easy, thanks to hand-free strength with adjustable opening speed. Unlike similar designs from other car makers, the Hyundai hand-free system does not require you to wave the feet under the bumper for it to work. But unexpectedly can be opened if you stand near the back of Santa Fe with the FOB key to your people.

Along with Santa Fe Limited, the new calligraphy trim came standard with the Premium Santa Fe infotainment system. The spotlight includes: 10.25-inch high definition touch screen display with split screen functionality. Cable (via USB Cable) Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Navigation embedded with the Junction-View Lane guide. HD radio with traffic flow and incident data. Court of 3 months from Satellite Siriusxm radio. Dynamic voice recognition. Four USB ports (one front power / data, front one, and two back power). Car service connected with blue. Wireless charging for phones that support Qi. The calligraphy trim includes a 12-speaker 12-speaker audio system of Harman Kardon with a power of 630 watts of power and Clari-Fi music restoration technology.

2021 Hyundai Santafe Review, Specs, Price

The driver can operate the infotainment system using a decent size touch screen tile on the horizontal-top dash screen that looks elegant or steering and sound control. Under the climate control ventilation in the new central console of Santa Fe is a simple volume of analog rotary and tuning buttons, plus bank shortcut keys for quick access to favorites, navigation, radio, media, and others. This eliminates the need to scroll the annoying menu on the screen. Premium-looking controls have quality tactile nuances and will not look inside their place in the product of the Hyundai genesis luxury brand.

Hyundai also offers Apple Carplay and Android automatically, which cleanses the chaos of the USB cable that connects to your phone. Balanced, wireless connectivity is only available with a smaller 8-inch infotainment screen in the less expensive Santa Fe trim. However, Hyundai said the wireless system will soon be present for the premium system with a 10.25-inch screen.

When it's time to break from the speed of the hectic life, Santa Fe humbly presents a "natural voice." The occupant of the front seat can access it by selecting "media" from the hard button line in the middle of the dashboard under the infotainment button. Menu options include the call of rainforest birds, soft sea waves pulsed on the beach, crunching fireplaces, walking through the new snow falling, and more.

Premium 10.25-inch Santa Fe system is equipped with dynamic voice recognition that recognizes the command and natural language context. Using the push-to-speaking button on the steering wheel, the driver can request changes to the cabin temperature, adjust the steering wheel or heating wheel, send a reply to a text message, ask about sports scores and stock prices, check the weather forecast for a specific location, and more. The system quickly and correctly executed my request to find interesting places in the nearest city and produce a useful map instructions and sound prompt.

2021 Hyundai Santafe Review, Specs, Price

Calligraphy Santa Fe 2021 also displays the Blue Link of a connected car system that allows drivers to perform functions such as remotely starting machines, locking and unlocking doors, opening liftgates, adjusting climate controls (including heating / ventilation of seats), finding cars on Parking lots, checking fuel levels and battery health, and more - all by using the MyHyundai smartphone application. Hyundai offers full access to the connected service of the blue link without charge for the first three years of ownership. Blue Link also functions with SmartWatches and inside the house using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Standards in the calligraphy trim, digital keys change any Android smartphone, even from friends or family, into a distance of vehicles using close field communication. Like Blue Link, digital keys allow holders to lock and unlock doors, activate panic warnings, and start and drive cars, but only near the proximity of the vehicle. The owner can also set the digital button time to stay active and revoke it remotely. Digital Key also allows personal preference settings for seat and mirror positions and audio settings and navigation up to three people.

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